{90 % OFF } WPEngine Black friday & Cyber Monday Sale 2016

WPengine Black Friday

If you are waiting for the sale of WP Engine black friday and cyber monday sales 2016. Then, you will excited about the hosting discount offer of dreamhost.

This is the most awaiting day for like you as a webmaster right?. Ya surely, this the most awaiting day for all to get maximum to maximum discounts  and you will shopping a lot of discount product on this day.

Now,WP Engine offering you the best sale of 75% discount on the upcoming WP Engine black friday and cyber monday sales 2016. If you looking for this offer, this right time to purchase the the best hosting plan for your business.

Hosting is important for the site developers and other business persons. If you are  a beginner you want to learn what is WP Engine, hosting, and benefits and why you choose this server. Hosting is a providing server to your website or blog.  

And this benefit is to increase your website traffic by using  hosting providers. So, You need to choose which hosting provider have benefits of your expectation over the hosting.

Let’s see the WP Engine hosting benefits and hosting plans for their customers in the following below;

What is WP engine?

WPengine is providing the hosting service to the WordPress blogs.  The WordPress is a backbone of every website, and also, web hosting is another backbone for the website. In our world, there are having a lot of web service providers  available. Among these providers, the WPEngine is One of the most famous content management systems.

Why you have to choose the WP Engine web hosting?

Here, the WP engine providing many features on web hosting and these features are very useful for all web masters. Let’s see what are the features available in this.

  • It is providing highly scalable architecture
  • High availability of WordPress hosting
  • WPEngine has real-time security threat detection
  • This is a Secure WordPress Hosting environment
  • This having the best service and supportive team for the customers, they can help you at any time if you need them. They providing 24/7 services to their customers
  • Have also take automatic backups and recovery the disaster on WP Engine.
  • You can  globally accessed content easily by availability of CDN
  • You can get restore and backups at one click
  • WPEngine has advanced threat scanning and mitigation
  • You can easily configure custom settings with high concurrency


These are all the WP Engine features and benefits and also have many features available in this hosting services.

Pricing plans:

The WP Engine providing four plans; those are Personal, professional, business and premium. Let’s see the benefits of these plans in the following below;

Personal plan:

Personal plan is starting at $ 29.00 per month. This plan includes benefits of

  • 10GB of local storage space
  • You can use unlimited data transfers
  • You can install single WordPress
  • And also proving 25K visitors per month on particular time period on daily bases

Professional plan:

Professional plans are starts from $ 99.00 per month. This plan includes benefits of

  • You can use unlimited data transfers
  • You can use up to 10 WordPress installs
  • You can use 20GB of local storage
  • Then also providing 100K visitors per month, you can increase your traffic by these visits.

Business Plan:

The business plan starts at $ 249 per month. This plan includes benefits of

  • You can use unlimited data transfers
  • You can use up to 25 WordPress installs
  • WPEngine providing 400K visits per month at a regular time period on daily bases
  • You can use 30GB of local storage

Premium Plan:

The Premium plan  having many features available, let’s see those;

  • You can install WP up to 150
  • WPEngine Providing 1 million plus visits per month at regular bases
  • You can use unlimited data transfers
  • You can use 100-300GB of local storage

These plans are affordable and trust things. You can enjoy this WP Engine black friday and cyber monday sales 2016 offer and buy the web hosting services for your benefits and get success in your business.