WordPress Training Online:WordPress Tutorial For Beginners

wordpress training online

WordPress is the world’s largest powering software installed on millions of million sites.It’s simplest and powerful features allow us to make a powerful site.That’s why people love to choose wordpress platform.It’s open sourse and free content management system based on PHP.It was released on may 27 ,2003 by it’s technical geeks Matt Mullenweg  and Mike Little.

Here am creating an awesome article for incomecracker readers want’s to know and learn about wordpress easily.

Recently I have created an  online wordpress training course to start your own wordpress powered blog by yourself.

Are You struggling where to start?

Many of us asking me every day regard “I know little bit about wordpress but don’t know where to start.

300 $ WordPress Training Online

Learn by our-self  is the trilling and more convenient way.Self satisfaction is very important.Human minds are not stable in all situation.If am siting in-front of instructor that day am feeling not well then what we do…we lost our dollars and come up with zero knowledge.Wordpress training online is the win win strategy for newbies to learn any time.Life long accessible and it will open 24 * 7 .If we learn anything by video tutorials is always worthy.

WordPress Online Course Video’s

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress for Beginners!

Create A Professional website or easily build A blog from scratch.

I have created Over 117 lectures and 7 hours of content! So It will turn you to next level blog.

WordPress Course Details:-

“Learn WordPress from scratch to become a wordpress master quickly .This course will teach you everything from very basics you need to know.”

Inspirational Quotes!!


  • In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.
  • If you can dream it, you can do it.
  • Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory
  • Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.

So don’t demotivate and Never Give Up! will achieve one day.

How is this wordpress training  course structured?

This course will bring you two kind of modules.

  • WordPress course.
  • Turn your wordpress blog to next level

This course will teach you authority in WordPress and turn wordpress guru shortly .Don’t worry about how to start a wordpress blog.I will guide you step-by-step guide to create a wordpress master.

Kind of modules included in the wordpress training course

I have created plenty of modules and extra information added.

  • Fresh Ideas On How To Brand Your Business.
  • A Beginner’s Guide To The WordPress Dashboard.
  • Install a WordPress Theme.
  • Create a Profitable Menu.
  • Install and Setup WordPress SEO.
  • Add, remove, and manage plugins on WordPress.
  • Create Custom User Roles in WordPress.
  • Guide To WordPress Custom Page
  • Protect Yourself Against Hackers
  • Hidden Tips And Tricks To Increase Traffic.
  • Hidden Tricks-31 Days To Build A Powerful Blog.

Why take this course?

This course is for those who want to create a WordPress website from scratch.

  • No Coding* !!
  • No Experience
  • No Marketing skills
  • No Esteem knowledge
  • [Need Basic knowledge of computer*]

What are the requirements?

  • Student will need basic computer knowledge
  • Student will need basic internet connection
  • Student will not need any html,css,java and Php
  • Students will not need any coding knowledge Students will not need any web experience
  • Students will not need any website promotions ideas
  • Students will not need any social media ideas
  • Students will not need any knowledge about wordpress
  • Students will not need any higher skills
  • Students will need interest and learn new things

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 117 lectures and 6.5 hours of content!
  • Fresh Ideas On How To Brand Your Business
  • A Beginner’s Guide To The WordPress Dashboard
  • Install a WordPress Theme
  • Create a Profitable Menu
  • Install and Setup WordPress SEO
  • Add, remove, and manage plugins on WordPress
  • Create Custom User Roles in WordPress
  • Guide To WordPress Custom Page
  • Protect Yourself Against Hackers
  • Promote Your Own Site

What is the target audience?

  • This course is for students
  • This course is for those who want to create a WordPress website from scratch
  • This course is for anyone who needs a website,zero coding knowledge
  • This course is for anyone who turn wordpress master quickly
  • This course is for anyone who build Profitable blog quickly
  • This course is for home moms
  • This course is for Internet geeks
  • This course is for small business owners
  • This course is for large business owners
  • This course is for entrepreneurs
  • This course is for web designers,zero coding skills
  • This course is for affiliate marketers
  • This course is for bloggers
  • This course is for zero coding skills,zero internet knowledge
  • This course is for money makers

Section 1: Introduction to the Course

  • Lecture 1 Guide To WordPress
  • Lecture 2 Why Choose WordPress
  • Lecture 3 How To Increase Motivation For Blogging
  • Quiz 1 WordPress General Quiz

Section 2: Fresh Ideas On How To Brand Your Company

  • Lecture 4 Things You MUST Know Before Purchase A Domain Name
  • Lecture 5 Ninja Guide To Choose A Web Host
  • Lecture 6 Best Places To Get Paid WordPress Themes
  • Quiz 2 Brand Your Company Quiz

Section 3: A Beginner’s Guide To WordPress Dashboard

  • Lecture 7 First Look at the WordPress Dashboard
  • Lecture 8 The Complete Guide To The WordPress General Setting
  • Lecture 9 How To Adjust The Writing Settings In WordPress
  • Lecture 10 Master The WordPress Settings-Reading
  • Lecture 11 Exploring The WordPress Settings-Discussion
  • Lecture 12 Configuring General Settings For Media
  • Lecture 13 The Ultimate Guide To WordPress Permalinks
  • Quiz 3 WordPress Dashboard Quiz

Section 4: Beginners Guide- How To Install A WordPress Theme

  • Lecture 14 How to Install WordPress Themes – Detailed Tutorial
  • Lecture 15 How To Safely Change The WordPress Theme
  • Lecture 16 How To Delete A WordPress Theme Completely
  • Quiz 4 WordPress Theme Quiz

Section 5: How To Create A Profitable Menu

  • Lecture 17 Create Your Own Menu For Your Site
  • Lecture 18 Create Sub Menu For Your Site
  • Lecture 19 How To Create A Mega Menu
  • Lecture 20 Add Category Page Links To Your WordPress Menu

Section 6: How To Install And Setup WordPress SEO

  • Lecture 21 General
  • Lecture 22 Titles & Metas
  • Lecture 23 Social
  • Lecture 24 Xml Sitemap
  • Lecture 25 Advanced
  • Lecture 26 Tools
  • Lecture 27 Search Console
  • Lecture 28 Extension
  • Quiz 5 Seo Quiz

Section 7: How To Create Custom User Roles In WordPress

  • Lecture 29 How To Create A New User
  • Lecture 30 Assign Administrator Roles To A User
  • Lecture 31 Add Multiple Users WordPress
  • Lecture 32 How To Delete A User Account
  • Lecture 33 How To Retrieve Lost User Account

Section 8: Add, Remove, And Manage Plugins On WordPress

  • Lecture 34 How To Install A WordPress Plugin
  • Lecture 35 How To Delete A WordPress Plugin
  • Lecture 36 How To Activate A WordPress Plugin
  • Lecture 37 How To Bulk Install And Delete Plugin

Section 9: A Detailed Guide To WordPress Custom Page

  • Lecture 38 Simple Tips For Making An About Us Page
  • Lecture 39 How To Create A Website Privacy Policy
  • Lecture 40 Create Your Website Terms And Conditions
  • Lecture 41 How To Create A Contact Us Page that Rocks

Section 10: Tricks For Creating A Good Content

  • Lecture 42 How To Add A New Post In WordPress
  • Lecture 43 How To Make Categories In Your WordPress Website
  • Lecture 44 How To Add Tags In WordPress
  • Lecture 45 How To Add Featured Images
  • Lecture 46 How To Insert Special Characters
  • Lecture 47 How To Use Bullets And Numbers

Section 11: Tips For Creating Content that Gets # Viral

  • Lecture 48 A Step By Step Guide To Create Long Content
  • Lecture 49 How To Write Eye-Catching Headlines
  • Lecture 50 Use charts And Graphs In Your Content
  • Lecture 51 Format Content With Well Structured

Section 12: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Social Media’s

  • Lecture 52 How To Add The Face Book Like Box
  • Lecture 53 How To Add Social Networking Buttons To Your Site
  • Lecture 54 Adding A Twitter Button To Your website
  • Lecture 55 How To Add The Google +1 Button To Your Website
  • Lecture 56 How To Install The Pinterest “Pin It” Button

Section 13: Complete Beginner’s Guide To SEO

  • Lecture 57 How To Create A Sitemap
  • Lecture 58 Create A Robots.txt File Preview
  • Lecture 59 How To Write Title Tags For Search Engine Optimization
  • Lecture 60 How To Write An Effective Meta Description
  • Lecture 61 Is The Meta Keyword Tag Used By Search Engines
  • Lecture 62 How To Interlink Your Content The Right Way
  • Lecture 63 How To Link To Other Web Sites
  • Lecture 64 Link Building For SEO
  • Lecture 65 On-Page Vs Off-Page Optimization

Section 14: How To Protect Yourself Against Hackers

  • Lecture 66 Make Your Password Harder To Hack
  • Lecture 67 Rename Your “Admin” Account
  • Lecture 68 Be Aware Of Your Vulnerability
  • Lecture 69 Keep Software Up To Date
  • Lecture 70 Website Protect Plugins

Section 15: Secrets And Tips On Promoting Your Website

  • Lecture 71 Ways To Promote Your Face book Page Without Spending
  • Lecture 72 Promote Your Google+ page
  • Lecture 73 Promote Your Site Using Groups And Forums
  • Lecture 74 Best Ad Networks For Publishers

Section 16: Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

  • Lecture 75 How to Optimize Images for Search Engine Ranking
  • Lecture 76 Improve Server Response Time
  • Lecture 77 How To Leverage Browser Caching In WordPress
  • Lecture 78 How To Enable Compression And Gzip For Page Speed
  • Lecture 79 Why Use A Content Delivery Network
  • Lecture 80 Smarter Way To Prevent Image Hotlinking with .htaccess
  • Lecture 81 Installing Speed Up Plugins 1 page Speed Up Plugins

Section 17: Hidden Tips And Tricks To Increase Traffic

  • Lecture 82 # 1 Hidden Tips To Get 500-1000 Visitors Per Day
  • Lecture 83 # 2 Hidden Ideas To Boost Social Media Page Likes
  • Lecture 84 # 3 Ninja Guide To Organic Traffic Ideas
  • Lecture 85 # 4 Free Website Promotion Sites

Section 18: Hidden Tricks-31 Days To Build A Powerful Blog

  • Lecture 84 to 116 (Ninja Trick Day 1 to 31 ) Hidden Ninja Trick

Section 19: Conclusion

  • Conclusion