Top 7 WordPress Plugins to Get More Email Subscribers

top 7 wordpress plugin

While coming to talk about the email subscribers. Email subscription is most important to your blog nowadays. because, everyone of us using email accounts and all of use checking regularly their emails.

Emails are personal and they used to share many personal information and many other business messages through this emails only. So, emails having more benefits and its still developing.

So, you are a blog, many people visit your blog daily. You have to link with them by daily updates of your blog posts, any other business offers and any courses to your visitors.

Here, why we discussing about this topic means, this email subscription will increase your blog traffic and you will reach your position by this email subscription.

Here, i’m recommending some of the email subscription tools and their benefits and all. We can use many tool, but these are some of unique feature tool for you to get more traffic on your blog.

1. SumoMe:

SumoMe is a WordPress plugin. It will work after installing the someMe software through your WordPress plugin and it shows in your WordPress dashboard. After this, we can be playing around all of the options in the SumoMe and it will give the options you setting the options.

you can test all of those sumoMe options and you can choose which option is suitable for your website and your business.

Then it will operate on your websites like pop-ups on the top of your web page, side of the page, popups that slide in and pop-ups that wave at you, etc..

SumoMe mainly focuses on three things in your WordPress plugins, there are following below.

  • Collect email options
  • Social sharing
  • Analytic

Why sumoMe?

Here, three main reasons to spend your one minute time on this SumoMe tool to your websites or blogs.

Collects email without being annoying – Email list builder only to collect email address from visitors in optimal time before their left your websites.

Mobile-Optimized – nowadays, 40% of our blog traffic get from the mobile. This gives the best result of collecting more email lists.

Quick and Free – it’s very easy to install the tool and free to collect the email addresses

2. LeadPages:

The lead page is an excellent tool for internet marketers and live show hosters.

It’s a simple drag and drops software tool allow you to create your own template.

Lead pages are called as email capture software or tracking the right conversion tool.

Lead pages play’s and major role in helping webinars,presenting live tutorials, etc’s with excellent features allow the customer to register our own spot.

Why lead pages?

  • Because ease of  use this lead page software tool.
  • It takes five minutes to create landing and page.
  • You can change and update the new templates as your business writers and marketer love.
  • It is integrated with popular email services such as Aweber, Mail Chimp, and infusionsoft
  • It can act with your WordPress plugin or it will provide formatted HTML, you can copy and paste to the back-end of your website.

3. optin crusher:

The optin crusher is available for free. this will help to get  your visitors attention without any interruptions to them and get them to on your email list. This will stay on your footer of the blog and it will visible to your visitors and collect their email subscription.

Why optin crusher?

  • Optin crusher will integrates with any email service that can code with html form.
  • You can integrate optin crusher with mailchimp
  • You can integrate the optin crusher with google feed burner integration and it will build an email list for your blog.
  • You can integrate the optin crusher web form with icontact email services.
  • You can integrate the optin crusher with constant contact, and get response.

4. Optin skin:

Optin skin is to collect your visitors emails without any hassles. because this having plenty of features in it. Optin skin having opt forms with fade.

Why optin skin?

  • It will help you to get higher conversion rates by split test
  • It will customize fully with 18 default designs
  • you can attention with draw your opt-forms with fade
  • You can place your news letter with any position on your blog with one click
  • You can make money with an affiliate links
  • This can work with all email marketing services
  • Converting more visitors with A/B testing

5. optin monster:

optin monster will help to converting your visitors into email subscribers. It can also increase your mobile conversation with mobile-specific popups. This will use for getting more subscribers with highly noticeable floating bars. This plugin having three pricing plans, this price is affordable to purchase only.

The pricing plans have following features;

  1. Use unlimited opt-forms
  2. you can use floating bars to your blog
  3. Have page level targeting and smart canvas forms
  4. you can use content locking
  5. you can use unlimited sites
  6. Email bars can takeover to the full screen

Why optin monster?

  • Converting more visitors with A/B testing
  • 100% full money back guarantee after 14 days
  • you can test your ideas with A/B testing and it will increase your subscribers
  • Its providing well-timed popups to catch your visitors
  • you can also segment your customers with their personalization
  • boost conversions with monster links
  • You can also use full screen welcome gate to get double conversions
  • increase your mobile conversation with mobile-specific popups.
  • You can build your email list with polite scroll boxes
  • location specific in-line forms
  • catch your visitor’s eye with monster effects

6. popup domination:

popup domination will help to converting your visitors into email subscribers. if you want your email list with quadruple on your blog, you must install this plugin to your wordpress.

this is the best plugin to install and collect your visitors email addresses.

Why popup domination?

  • it will converting your visitors into subscribers and buyers
  • This having A/B testing
  • This will supports for all other email services like maillchimp, Aweber, iContact, ontrapost and many services.
  • Having live chat supporting
  • Providing unlimited popups and domains
  • Providing customizable button text
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Providing exit popups when your visitor will going to leave, it will automatically open and collect their emails

7. Hello bar:

Hello bar will used to collect the email addresses. It will placed on your blog header with small size. It will easily find and collect the emails.

having side bars, popups, page takeover and sliders.

This will improve your traffic by more conversion rate.

These are the tools to collect your email list from your visitors. and it will help you to increase your conversion rate to your blog.