22 Tips for Title Tag Search Engine Optimization[Boost 1000 Visitors]

title tag optimization

The title tag is defined as title HTML element which shows snippet preview in search engine result, browser toolbar, and the particular page that giving a hint that there is some exact content inside blog.

It literally hints what’ s the topic inside website page.Seo optimized title tag boost more conversion rate and increase more visitors.

Seo optimization for title length techniques involve increase visitors and search engine’s track.

Many bloggers’s are wrongly thinking that optimized title tag increase page view traffics higher.

Do you know one thing catchy title tag also increase traffic compared to optimized title tags? Finally, I have concluded here that both optimized and catchy title tag play’s value higher in the search result.

Let’s start our tutorial title tag optimization tips.

How to Write Title Tags For Search Engine Optimization

  • Title tag optimization tips
  • How Many Characters in Google’s snippet Title
  • Keyword placement
  • keyword stuffing
  • Nasty keyword title
  • Write catchy and meaningful topic
  • Duplicate title tags

Title tag optimization tips

Here am starting with very basic tips and tricks to write SEO optimized title tag text.

  • Main keyword
  • Secondary keyword
  • Long tail keyword
  • Brand name

Look below I had optimized title tag text for both search engine and visitors. I had implemented main keyword or primary keyword at begging of title, followed by the long tail keyword.

If you wish to try to write the main keyword, followed by secondary keyword or long tail keyword followed by a brand name. Is there any proper format for title tags? Many bloggers’s have been implementing lot’s and lot technique in SEO field. So always try new techniques and implement new ideas it’s the best way to attract more visitors.

I have recently added permalinks with exact keywords found on my site.Check out the link http://incomecracker.com/bluehost-black-friday/  It suits with title tag becuase I have used same keyword for title tag and permalinks.

Optimize <title tag element> for 4 thing’s

      • Title in browser
      • Title in search engine snippet preview
      • Title in particular page
      • Title in Social media page

Income cracker Google snippet preview (Google outer title tag)

Look above I had optimized title tags text less than (55-70) characters. Google snippet preview never show more characters in the search result. Simple and crispy are good for title tag length.

Income cracker title tag code sample(Inner code title tags)

Don’t confuse yourself here am sharing a snapshot of income cracker coding. Learn depth knowledge about the particular topic is our ultimate goal.

How Many Characters on Google’s snippet Title

Best title tag length is less than 50-70  characters is the effective and key factor to success.If you exceed more character it will appear in …. like this ugly format. 35% of Visitor’s will reject your blog snippet.

Keyword placement

Keyword placement is the proper way to grab search engine and visitors.

Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is defined as repeated keywords appears in particular page.It will affect your business and google penalize keyword stuffing

Nasty keyword’s selection will hurt’s search engine and visitors. Wrong chosen keywords will gain useless visitors and increase bounce rate higher.

Higher bounce rate is nothing but there is no engagement on the blog page and reject our website within a short period of time. Increase bounce rate affects our ranking factor.

catchy title

Creating stunning or eye catchy title tag is the keen way to grab more visitors. Buzz feed has been driving tremendous traffic’s with their eye catchy title’s.

Duplicate title tag text

Duplicate title tag text is nothing but written same title for different posts. If writing one more than one is consider as the duplicate title tag.

It will affect your search engine optimized content and quality wise it will affect.Visitors landing on your duplicate title text surely it will  make chaos and increase bounce rate.

Using stop words in <title> text

The search engine will hurt while searching keywords in your blog. It will cause  blog bad impression for search spiders. Stop words ex:”is”,”the”,”an”,”a” etc. Try to use without stop words.

Using Pipes (|)

Separate words by pipes (|) are the optimized way for visitors. Customer Usability and friendly pipes clearly indicate our views and look more professional.

Am having no idea what we do?

How to Write Title Tags For Search Engine Optimization

Analyze what content performs best for any topics or computer. Find the key influencers to promote your blog.

Try buzz sumo box and type your keywords and click go. You will get the random response based on social shares it will list top sites.

Our idea is to pick perfect title for your site and boost more conversion.

Topsy site is an alternative to buzz sumo. It listing top sites in list order. Try to pick list ideas. Topsy showing the last result, tweet result and past days etc.

Picking topic from social shares

More social shares are the best parameter for picking the right heading title. Here am indicating more number of social shares. If visitors really enjoying your article surely they will love and spread to the world with their social shares.Catchy title tag boosts more shares. So try to pic the topic idea.