Sumome review : Free Tools to grow your Email List

Sumo me Review

SumoMe is a set of the marketing tool and email list gathering tool through  your WordPress plugins. This tool helps you to gather emails from your website’s visitors in 100’s ways for your irresistible offer.

SumoMe mainly focuses on three things in your WordPress plugins, there are following below.

  • Collect email options
  • Social sharing
  • Analytic

What will you go to learn in this?

  1. How It’s will work?
  2. Who can use this tool?
  3. Why have you to install and spend your time on this tool?
  4. How to design this List builder in a sumoMe tool?
  5. Why Email integration with social media?

How it’s will work?

SumoMe is a WordPress plugin. It will work after installing the someMe software through your WordPress plugin and it shows in your WordPress dashboard. After this, we can be playing around all of the options in the SomoMe and it will give the options you setting the options.

you can test all of those somoMe options and you can choose which option is suitable for your website and your business.

Then it will operate on your websites like pop-ups on the top of your web page, side of the page, popups that slide in and pop-ups that wave at you, etc..

Who can use this tool?

Anyone can use this SomoMe software with WordPress plugins your websites.

Why have you to install and spend your time on this tool?

Here, three main reasons to spend your one minute time on this SumoMe tool to your websites or blogs.

Collects email without being annoying – Email list builder only to collect email address from visitors in optimal time before their left your websites.

Mobile-Optimized – nowadays, 40% of our blog traffic get from the mobile. This gives the best result of collecting more email lists.

Quick and Free – it’s very easy to install the tool and free to collect the email addresses


Features of SomoMe Tool:

1.SumoMe email list builder:

SumoMe Email list builder will shows like popup menu to your website visitor after a specified number of time or sections. It will collect the emails from your website visitors. Then, How it will look like in your blog or websites means, that shown in following below.

How to design this List builder in sumoMe tool?

First have to give Templates ( there having a lot of templates), size(Small, medium, Large, X-Large), Heading, front &  color( for the heading) and after giving the Text and for the color and font for the text. Then, have to give subscribe and background adjustment and color. and also, give email placeholder, success heading, and color for the heading and popup background color.  

After these details are given to the email list builder option, then give save the design. you will see your popup email collector menu open in your website.

Why is email list Advantage?

  • Email is personal
  • Email is purposeful one
  • Email is Targeted to project your needed information to share
  • Email is one on one communication
  • Secure information through your email
  • Confidential exchange information

 2. SumoMe Scroll box:

SumoMe Scroll box is working as when a visitor comes to your site and scroll down to see some matters at that time SumoMe popup menu peaks out the corner of the web page to collect the visitor email addresses.

For scroll box option you will give the setting as before we given to the SomoMe email list builder.

3.SumoMe Smart bar:

SumoMe smart bar shows in the top center of  your web page to collect the email list. This will be shown in following below image.

Here, we give the same setting as before we given to email list builder, scroll box. Here, an extra one to give is bar mode.  This setting is shown in following below.

 4.SumoMe welcome Mat:

SumoMe welcome Mat is a pretty option in this SomoMe tool to collect your email list from your visitor of your websites, it will cover whole over the website and if your visitors give their details or they move to another content of the website.

Set the SumoMe Welcome Mat, we have to give the following details. Templates, background, Heading and its color and font. Then, give Opt out(No thanks) and email address placeholder.

The setting is shown in following images.

  5.SumoMe Highlighter:

SumoMe Highlighter is the pretty good option in this SomoMe tool. because when people highlighting some wordings in an article, at that time one pop up menu will open and ask their email addresses. It’s so clever and this is one of new method to collect email list.

6.Google analytics:

Here, you don’t need to open google analytics to see the status of your website of how many clicks and for which area and all. SomoMe displays all your important status of your website in WordPress plugin by using Content Analytics and Heatmaps.

This SomoMe gives following details;

These tools allow you to see what your users are doing on your site? where are they clicks? How much of  your post are they reading?

This software to help you to find.

7.Share and image share:

Allows you to add a social media to your website. it will help your visitors to share your content to Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkin and G+.

Advantages of SumoMe Software:

  • It will help you to grow your visitors email list
  • so many options to set for email list collect
  • SumoMe integrated with many more email list management software like Aweber, Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr, pocket, google+, Whatsapp, Friends feed, Delicious, Digg, and MailChimp.
  • You can set your SumoMe to show up on any page on your website at any time.

Why Email integration with social media?

  • They extend the reach for your emails – More people share your email, you get more benefits to open your websites, more clicks and conversion between your websites.
  • Providing another platform to connect with your audience – It’s most important to you like a business person. social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Blog, WhatsApp, Reddit, Tumblr, pocket Friends feed, Delicious, and Digg.
  • Give Email subscribers more options – More platform to share your email and get lots of connections to your company.
  • Expand the reach of your message – Your email subscribers can impossible to expand their connection to your company and you email offer or anything.
  • Send a dedicated Email Campaigns – Try to send your mail to the dedicated social network.
  • To promote Email signups to social media to get better links between you and your customer to get your business successful.


The SumoMe tool price list is shown in following below.

These are features, advantages and benefits of SumoMe software tool to increase your profit and to get a lead role in your business.