StudioPress Review:The Best Themes in the Business?

StudioPress Theme Review

If you want to success in your business, many things important for your field like the website, and also themes. The theme is an essential for your business because most of the visitors see how your website looks in Good appearance.

What I’m coming say is, your website should be attractable or presentable for your visitor, or otherwise many chances to left your site with unimpressed Then, it can be used easily by the user with WordPress support.

StudioPress is well-known with WordPress community and it is founded by Brian Gardner. And also, they created a Genesis Framework, that will help you to quickly and easily build your sites with WordPress.

StudioPress provides the most popular WordPress themes and this themes also used over 1,75,000 users. This StudioPress providing the professional and Unique themes for you to functionally good and your websites stand in a crowd. Then, your site becomes more pleasant able and  likable.

What will you go to learn in this article?

  1. Why will you use this StudioPress Theme?
  2. What is Theme Functionalities?
  3. Why have you chosen Genesis Theme?
  4. What is the price list of StudioPress tool?
  5. What are the benefits StudioPress Plugin and Extender Plugins?

Why will you use this StudioPress Theme?

  • The themes are unique and beautiful for your business website or blog. Because every day new themes coming up from StudioPress.
  • StudioPress is more trusted one because themes used over 1,75,000 users.
  • The themes are working from Genesis Framework so your site or blog is more securable.
  • The cost of the StudioPress Themes is cheaper than to order to design your websites.
  • You can use your Themes for unlimited websites by one-time purchase.
  • This is the mobile responsible design that means your website can very pleasant able in mobile also.
  • Having effective supporting team
  • It’s giving Solid Foundation for your website and it is having Genesis framework, you don’t think which one do the themes works on your site.

What is Theme Functionalities?

WordPress have two main choices for themes operational; 1) Genesis Framework 2) Child themes.

In 2013, WordPress with 43 Child themes for the website or blog design. and now having more than that themes along with Genesis framework. Now Genesis have 2.2.7 update with new WordPress compatibility.

Genesis framework has dozens and dozens of design with child themes. You can use whatever you like for your website or blog.

When you going to use a theme such as Genesis Framework, first you have to install the theme by using Child framework functionality built into WordPress. This way you can use the themes without any overriding of core framework files.

StudioPress updates Genesis versions along with your WordPress so you can install your themes with the latest version without any overriding of your customizations.

Then, the main point of this themes is user-friendly content management systems into WordPress and StudiPress providing themes are optimized for your Search engine for the better ranking purpose. This process is done so well by the StudiPress.

Why have you chosen Genesis Theme?

The features of Genesis Framework. Those are talking about in following below;

  • Unlimited for everything – you can use Unlimited websites, unlimited updates, and Unlimited support
  • Search Engine Optimization – The state of art code and design architecture gives you best-optimized themes
  • Provide Responsive HTML5 Designs
  • Airtight Security – It provides the best security
  • Instant updates – you can update your sites instantly and easily from few clicks. it may help you to prevent from hacking your site
  • Customizable & Fast – You can change and modify your site what you have in your mind like that. All are done with just a few clicks.
  • Provides Themes option, comment functionality, Ready for advertising, auto-sized featured images and then also WordPress themes and tutorials for you
  • Customized designers StudioPress have

Pricing of StudioPress:

For Genesis Framework:

The Genesis framework having following features and functionalities;

  • Theme options,  Custom page templates, Theme customizer, Featured content widgets, Mobile responsible and Customizable header
  • One-column, two-columns, three-columns, Left sidebar, Right sidebar, fixed width, custom-background, custom-header, custom-menu, theme option and layout options and so many things are have in Genesis framework functionality

The price of genesis framework is $ 59.95. 

Pro-plus membership:

You can buy unlimited themes and third party developers of themes by for one low price. The Pro-plus membership started from $ 499.95. 

Then this plan has following features;

  • You get unlimited sites, updates, and support
  • You can also access related tutorials

Theme License:

The theme license is 100% GPL (GPU Public License) for PHP, XTML, CSS, design and any other kind of elements.

StudioPress Plugins:

There has been additional functionality in this software is studioPress plugins. There are 16 other WordPress plugins that can help you to add to your website customizable.

Here most popular WordPress plugins are talked in following below;

SEO Data Transporter – This can help you to transfer the data from plugin or themes to another plugin.

Genesis Responsive slider – This can allow you to do displays the featured post of your choice of a post title, image, button, and experct by genesis responsive slider.

Simple URL’s – This having powerful management URLs system, which allows to track outbound links, manage and create to your sites.

Genesis connect for BuddyPress – This plugin allows you to add social network functionality to your website.

Genesis connect for WooCommerece –  This plugin allows you to add an online store and e-commerce by which Genesis connect with WooCommerce.

There having other plugins that useful for your websites, such as Customize the footer area, customs menus and sidebars for social icons.

And also have Customizable header

Adjustable background colors and image

Optional breadcrumbs navigation

Then, six-page layout

StudioPress Extender plugin:

This is one another major functionality of StudioPress Themes. This Extender plugin can allow you to functional changes your websites without any code editor or never mess up with FTP program.

The features of this plugin are;

you can add custom widgets area

you can change menus for your specific page

Add JS, CSS functions within your WordPress dashboard

Build custom pages with the PHP builder

ou can use any of google fonts over 600

Change your homepage over the 30 predefined studioPress layouts