Shopify Reviews : Pros and Cons for Your Business

Shopify Review 2016

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a Web application, by using this you can create your own online store. Shopify provides lots of Customizable templates that allows you to create your own online store with your taste of design. There have no experience or knowledge to design your store. Without any deep knowledge about this, you can achieve your part by Shopify tool.

People who are familiar with HTML and CSS, Shopify allows editing both in design templates.

Another major important thing about Shopify is, It also has a Hosted solution, You can easily create your online store and connect with Shopify hosting server. There are 200,000 people can already use this hosted services from Shopify tool.

What will are you go to learn in this article?

  1. What is Shopify?
  2. How can you create and run your web store?
  3. What are the features of Shopify?
  4. What is Shopify pricing?
  5. What are the benefits of Shopify Plans?

Let’s going to see the features and all.

How can you create and run your web store?

Build your web store and run the online store is easy by using following features to easy way to enhance your sales;

  • Create customer account – If your customer going to leave your store, check out they enabling their customer account in your online store.
  • Create customer groups – You have to maintain Customers list and categories based on the product purchase, history, and more details.
  • It is a complete blogging platform – Shopify has the blogging platform to linking with your customer through publicizing, categorize articles, create lookbooks, encourage discussion and comments on this blog.
  • Know about customer detailed profile – This will help you increase your sale, watching your customer profile, what they are purchases in last. you can up to date about your products.
  • You can extend the functionality of Storefront – There are many apps available to you and it is easy to use with your plugins. Those apps are like to increase your marketing capabilities, can also easier to watch shop, improving your SEO and increase your sales trends.
  • Create customer gift card – Its benefit for you, when you offering gifts, you will get more sale.
  • Content Management system – This will help you to manage website navigation, content pages and design. Hosting to your site is easy and free.

Features of Shopify:

The features of Shopify are shown in following below.


The unlimited products are available for you. The product list is given here to know. Lets see what are the products are available.

  • Digital products – Here, lots of digital products are available for your customer, they order from your online store.
  • Multiple images – You can add multiple images to your product, so you can so your in different angle.
  • SEO product tags – It can optimize your product page with specific meta tags, URL, and titles.
  • Import/Export – You can import or export your product from import/export apps by using CSV files.
  • Inventory management – You can manage your entire inventory with this Shopify
  • Product organization – You can organize your products from size, type, category, season and more from this app.

Web Hosting:

Web hosting providing lots of features for you, there are;

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 99.99% up-time and 27*7 monitoring
  • Unlimited Email forwarding
  • Providing 256-bit SSL certificate
  • You can also get instant upgrades
  • You can take daily backups
  • This has Level 1 PCI complaints, it protect your customer credit card data


  • You get actionable Dashboard for your sales, product orders and increase traffic to your business.
  • You can easily reports about product which will sell in market and which one is not.
  • You can also use export reports, which can send through spreadsheet or accountant.
  • google analytics helps to analysis your online store, sales, visit and referrals
  • You can also analysis your visitors where from, where they saw your store and all.

Shopify email:

  • You can get all details from your mobile itself, Lets see what are the features available in the Shopify mobile.
  • You can get orders and payments from mobile and also can track the product
  • Having mobile dashboard with you, you can easily arrange which items in mobile view.
  • Then, easily watch your customer profile and easily contact with mobile or email
  • You can also manage your inventory from your mobile itself.

Marketing & SEO:

  • It is Search engine optimized with you. It gives you best customizable title, tags, and H1.
  • Sitemap.xml is automatically generated with your product, web page, and posts.
  • It’s providing Coupon codes and discount, it will increase the sales and save your customer money.
  • Providing gift cards are essential to your customers,it will get credit your online store
  • It also providing social media integration like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
  • Product reviews on your website will help you to increase sales and customer
  • Having Mailchimp email marketing app, that will update your sales to your customer.
  • Facebook members also increase your sales, you have to capture customer without leaving the social media.

Store management:

  • You need to watch your customer profile and their shopping habits and purchase history and all
  • Providing customizable email templates and language for your wish
  • Your updates are automatically up to date, you don’t need to worry about this
  • Shopify integrates with orders, inventory stores, and ecommHub apps, this will help you to ease of drop-shipping.
  • You can fulfill your one or multiple orders ii just a few clicks available.
  • Create your customer groups with their category, purchase history, and location.

Shopping Card:

  • Shopify providing free 256-bit SSL certificates. which protect your credit card, transaction information at high level security
  • Shopify integrates with 70+  external payment gateways over the world.
  • Its giving you free shipping charges based on the average order size of the product
  • Shopify provides 50+ other languages to you, you can change your language need options to you
  • It provides automatic taxes for you based on the location and states
  • There have flexible shipping rates for you, like fixed rates, weight based, location based and tiered pricing.
  • You can checkout your customer lost their sale, and contact with them to continue their sale on your online store
  • You can get automatically receiving your shipping rates from popular shipping carriers like UPS, USPS, and FedEx


Storefront nothing but how to show you online store unique and they providing different tools for you to feel unique in your business.

  • Providing 100+ professional themes
  • You can ease to edit your store with CSS and HTML
  • It providing full blogging  platform
  • You can work with experts
  • You can purchase one new domain name from Shopify

Customer support:

  • Having dedicated support team
  • Shopify provides many experts for you to work with eCommerce designers, developers, or marketers to help.
  • Have a discussion forum, they take discussion about marketing, accounting and more related topics for you
  • Shopify customer support provides 24/7

Shopify Pricing:

Shopify providing four plans for their customers. Those plans are Lite, Basic, Pro, and unlimited plans. Then you can get for trial for 14 days without any credit card or money. The pricing and their features are following shown in the figure.

Retail Packages:

Retail packages starts with + $40 per month. Retail packages are, you can add extra features like hardware integration, Staff accounts, Staff management, register shifts and more.

Benefits of Shopify plans:

  • Shopify doesn’t collect any setup fee for their plans. Those plans are month to month if you need annual or biennial plan for your benefits
  • They offering, 10% discount for annual plan and a 20% discount for Biennial plan
  • Then, you can change your plan to upgrade or downgrade
  • Its has Level 1 PCI DSS certificate, this means your account data and other information’s are ultra secure
  • You can use your domain name that means already exists or you can also purchase new domain name
  • You can get unlimited bandwidth for free to all plans

These are the Shopify features and plans and it pricing list are we discussed here. And lot more benefits for a customer for Shopify usage.