How To Create A Winning SEO Strategy To Get Traffic!

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Do you want traffics? Follow the step-by-step guide to creating an effective seo strategy.

Profit making is the ultimate goal in any field, it need some tactic’s or  strategies to  achieve target!

Corporate’s has been spending billion’s of dollar’s since the power of internet market. Blogging broke’s all myth’s even don’t know about seo many blogs’s are teaching how to create a winning seo strategy to get traffics.

Many blogs’s are teaching about how to optimize and use  search engine optimization techniques google.

Our goal is how to improve google search ranking right? It needs white hat seo strategy technique to reach our blog #1 on google.

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  • How to Research Keywords for Your SEO online marketing Strategy
  • How To Find Your Target Audience in Content Marketing
  • How can I increase traffic to my website for free
  • How to Search Engines Work and optimize your site using seo ninja guide
  • How to create white hat link building techniques

How to Research Keywords for Your SEO Strategy

It’s the important term in online marketing industry. Without keyword targeting running a race without the destination. Our ultimate goal is target 3 or 5 keywords to the particular article.

In this guide am going to guide you how to do keyword research and increase conversion rates.

How to Use the Google Keyword Planner Tool for Keyword Research

Step 1 # Go to google keyword planner

 Step 2 # Do you having Gmail account because it’s a google product it asking username and password don’t register new use old email as default.

Step 3 # It showing a keyword finder box

Step 4 # It will show relevant search terms

Step 5 # Find long tail keyword’s for your nice related article and create a awesome article.

How To Find Your Target Audience In Content Marketing

Targeting audience should be our content nice related followers. Many blogger’s are thinking that attracting more peoples our blog and earn good money.

It’s entirely wrong strategy targeting mix up minded visitor’s can’t read your blog.

Creation of content should be a nice related article.If we deviate from out side topic people will ignore us. Always create nice related articles.

How can I increase traffic to my website for free

It’s the simplest marketing term increase website traffic but it’s the very tough way’s to attract good customer’s to our blog.

Our customer’s are hunting for resource every day if we give them all free stuff definitely more visitor’s will land on our page.

How to Search Engines Work’s and optimize your site using seo ninja guide

Every search engine optimization marketers should know how search engine work’s and optimize our site using ninja guide.

How search engine work’s

# Ninja tutorial 1 : If we hitting keyword on google search engine

# Ninja tutorial 2 : It will search whole data base and collect 50 -100 websites

# Ninja tutorial 3 : It will grab elite websites based on seo optimized and good quality

# Ninja tutorial 4 : It will list good blog on number #1 spot

# Ninja tutorial 5 : It having more than 200 ranking factor’s to bring accurate results

I have listed above about how search engine works and how it’s calculating our site’s etc

Optimize our site using seo ninja guide

Do you optimize your site?

Ask yourself what kind of seo tactic’s are you using?

Optimization involves’s seo ninja technique to spoon feed search engine. But over optimization will turn to google penalties.

Always stand out on a safe side and don’t risk yourself.

#Seo Ninja Guide 1 : Improve permalink’s-Perma links should be short and don’t add long tail perma links.Google had hinted that we weigh top  2 or 3 keywords. So don’t target long tail keyword in the permalink.

# Seo Ninja Guide 2 : Create eye catchy and search engine catchy titles-It’s determines the both visitors and search engine’s will land on our page. Use keywords in title and catchy words attract both’s

#Seo Ninja Guide 3 : Create quality content- Creation of content is an art,so try to add 3 0r 5 repeated keywords and focus on the good quality article.

#Seo Ninja Guide 4 : Create good social sharing icon’s -It’s important social media’s play major role in attracting new customer’s to our site.

How to create white hat link building techniques

Is it new term right link building techniques?

Google still a giant search engine, How it’s possible? It has created an algorithm on link’s. Gaining links from quality site’s  it’s difficult but there is no option get links from competitor is very essential.

Two kind of links are Do Follow Link vs No Follow Links

Do Follow Links-If we link out to nice related blog suppose income cracker giving do follow link to pro blogger. Both of them getting linking juice and improve ranking lot.But if we link to spam site’s it will both get link juice and it will affect our blog too.So always links trusted and quality websites.

No Follow Links-Now-a-day’s many blogger’s are actively participate in interview’s many blogger’s spend more time to write quality interview’s. Try to add no follow link to them because they spend their time to write about us bring some value to them.It will not pass any link juice.

#Ninja Tactic’s 1 :Comment on High Page Rank Blog’s-It’s white hat technique don’t worry.Comment on high page rank site’s get do-follow backlinks

#Ninja Tactic’s 2 :Comment on High Page Rank Forum’s-Many forum’s are available in online so stick on 1 or 2 forum’s and regular commenting on forums get valuable back links too

#Ninja Tactic’s 3 :Interlink your site-It’s safe and best way to interlink your site to other page’s.It will get visitor’s to read more about your blog and it help search engine too.

#Ninja Tactic’s 4 :Submit to directories-Still submitting to directories is valuable.So submit your site to directories and gain backlinks.

Conclusion on How To Create A Winning SEO online Strategy To Get Traffic!

I have covered few of the topic’s on create a wining seo strategy to get traffic. If we properly apply seo to our blog will get huge visitor’s to our site. Don’t do any black hat technique it will kill your blog slowly and finally you will be out of market, so create good seo techniques and move your blog to number #1 spot.