ON-PAGE SEO: Optimize Killer On page Optimization

on page seo

Definition Of On-Page SEO

What is SEO while thinking on your mind, it’s nothing but. On-page SEO is defined as organic way or white hat way or legal way or natural way or freeway to list your keywords appears in the search engine box number one.

In the blogging field, every one of them dreaming their blog will appear number one spot.

Search engine optimization (SEO)  is the best method to rank your website easily. Big billion dollar companies or small companies even cracking keywords higher in the search result, it’s not based on paid search result,its Based on legal and White Hat techniques to rank higher in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu etc.

Search engine optimization techniques involve many tactics Site coding or site HTML.

1.Site coding or site HTML.

2.Optimize content for Search engine optimization.

3.Pointing more number of trusted backlinks.

*4.The user-friendly site earns an average amount of visitors.

On page Seo vs Off-page Seo:

Still debated have been going regard which one weighs more in Seo.

Do you think that it’s the best  technique brings more visitors to our site?

Internet marketing world still brings more preference to on-page SEO.

The reason behind is improved on page Seo brings more visitors to our site naturally. Off-page Seo artificially submitting our work methods to directories, bookmarking,web 2.0, web blogs etc.

We can’t say submitted links will approval or not. So increase your search result high use our On-page SEO optimization techniques methods to improve your site.

Points should know before move to learn this technique

1. Write content for search engine and human beings

I have been writing lots and lot of well structured content article for human beings.

Without proper Seo technique, none of the visitors will come to our blog.Many peoples are thinking my competitors writing a very poor article and very less information.

But he/she ranks well in the search result I am not getting …). So before focus for human being write content for the search engine.

I am not saying not only focus on the search engine. It’s an essential part in Seo, So write the blog for both search engine and human beings.

2 .On-page SEO is very slow

Seo field is the slowest method to reach high in the search result. Perfect Proverb is “Slow and steady wins the race”.

White hat Seo is the best way to rank well in the search engine. Instant approval in SEO field is very tough so we concentrate on this.

Keep in mind that submitting Off-page SEO there is no guarantee or proof. It will get approval or not no one doesn’t know.

So always keep your Seo concentrate on this.

Its  is the powerful method that’s  Why its powerful compared to off-page SEO. Our ultimate goal is to make our website well-optimized web page.

On-page SEO

1. Doubling site loading speed

Google hinted that the upcoming algorithm will roll out mobile responsive sites.

It will rank better in the search result. Slower loading site speed is nothing but it will need more time to load your web page. we are all well known about our visitor’s, none of them waits for slow loading websites.

It will make them time waste and more irritate. Do you want free methods to double or increase your site speed, always make your website turbo speed.

The size of the web page it’s not matter but site speed its matter. Average site speed of web page is 80+ ranking is the best website speed.

The best way to get more conversion and more sales and more visitors are speeding up your blog at turbo speed it’s the important parameter in a blog that why here by am writing first preference to Site speed.

Why my site is loading very slowly?

1.Hosting provider

Don’t choose your hosting as free hosting company or unknown companies or unbranded companies.

Plan yourself, if you think to start a blog as carrier then don’t look for very cheap proving host companies.

Always choose a powerful hosting provider company and Trusted providers care our blog with proper speed and more protection and more features.

2. Too many ads in blog or website

Some people are always greedy and placing more ads in their websites. Every one of them creating the blog for money or fame or dedication or passion.

Whatever it’s the true fact in the blogosphere. Nowadays visitors are really hating flooded advertisement or nasty pop-outs.

Bloggers who are all aggressively adding more advertisements in their page it will cause site speed slow.

3. More plugins reduce page speed slow

Best Software in blogging field is word press.

Every one of them blogging happily in word press software.

More plugin installation or installing more widgets in blog cause site speed slow.

4.Large Image

Many bloggers’s don’t know about the hidden culprit in a blog.The image is the first culprit in the web page to slow your website.

More images in the blog garb more size in the page. It will cause site speed very low.

5. Affiliate codes

Nowadays bloggers are earning six-figure or ten figure income per month or per day.Using more affiliate codes in the blog cause site low.

Too much of codes cause site speed low.

2. Build Strong Content

Every blogger must read this topic it’s very important.50 percent of blogger’s don’t know how to write an article and writing irrelevant topics.

Writing an article it should be depth knowledgeable giving article to readers and same wise don’t make them sleep or bore to your readers.

Posting depth article in the blog gets the natural way of free backlinks from authority sites.Don’t want to submit directories or bookmarks etc.

The natural way of getting back links is the awesome and magic way to boost your website as powerful and domain authority and page rank will increase naturally.

Copy Cat Article Method

It’s the awesome method trending in nowadays.

He he search engines is not foolish or senseless.

They will easily detect copy cat method bloggers and never rank in search engine.

Still blogger’s not understand about page rank.EX: “On-Page SEO  for Newbies? Someone wrote that article and already ranked higher in the search engine.

We madly copy that article and paste on our website.Search engine’s look for both copy cat blogger and an original article published the website.

It will choose original article published a website and give preference.

Article should contain images, proper text and show matrices

Point out your article with proper matrices. Plot graphs, Pie Charts and Bar charts to show data properly and it will show clear information to readers.

Image plays a major role in article writing. Proper image for proper article boosts visitors higher.

Post your article long

we should write our article long or maximum. Search engines rank highers for depth and relevant articles.

Go to Google search and type On-site SEO it will list top ten websites. Open and see the website every article’s are depth and accurate.

Accuracy and excellence article will always rank higher in Google search result.

Targeted Keywords should be repeated.

Keyword planning is the important factor on.There are two kinds of keywords selection.

How to rank newbie blog higher in search result

(i) Choose keyword High search volume or less volume, Choose Low competition. Rank well in short period.

How to rank more traffics

(i) Choose keywords High Search volume, Choose High Competition. It will take more time and dedication to rich higher in the search engine.

We should write our article based on keywords and visitors.

Always keep in mind that write your article for both search engine and visitors. So bring high preference to targeted keyword.

3. Important thing in article is Permalinks structure

Permalinks is defined as link which point out our individual blog articles or specific page.

Choose of rich keywords in Permalinks boost rank in search engine optimization. It’s a static link which will get accurate search results. It’s an important parameter for rankings.

Place your keywords in Permalinks

Write 2-4 keywords as Permalinks

Don’t write too long Permalinks

Use hyphens between one keywords

4. Title Tag Optimization

Title Tag is the title element snippet result appear in Google search result.

Still there is no proof for Seo wise. But mainly peoples are searching in Google box.

It will show snippet result. Based on impressive title tag, visitors or surfers will judge your blog or website it is nice or awesome.

Many bloggers are saying that optimize your title tag for Seo.

Title tag length

Don’t exceed your title tag length 55 character below. Keep in mind that title tag is for human beings first and next for search engine.

Google properly coded their snippet tool. They allow only 55 characters so keep less than 55 characters.

Drop your keywords in title tag

Insert your keyword in title tag brings slight preference to Seo. Drop your keyword first and middle boost high search result.

Duplicate Title tag Description

More than one same title appears in the page consider as Duplicate meta title tag. So it will reflect in your Seo.

5. Meta Tag Description Optimization

Best way to attract your visitors is optimizing your Meta tag description. Catchy and attractive descriptions are always clickable links.

Search engines showing awesome snippet tools. Our work is simple to write and develops awesome description to search engine.

Search engines are clearly indicating write 155 characters less and don’t elaborate too much long.

Meta Tag description Length

Don’t exceed your meta tag description length is 155 characters below.

I have early indicated that write your description for human beings and search engine optimize.

Search engine’s allow 155 characters below otherwise search engine snippet cut off remain characters.

Drop your keywords in Meta tag description

Insert your keyword in the Description tag. It will boost Seo or not no problem always focus your targeted keywords in Meta tag Description.

Duplicate Meta tag Description

More than one same description appears in the page consider as Duplicate meta tag Description. So it will reflect in your Seo.

6. Optimize your Heading Tag

Powerful Seo optimization is nothing but optimizes our heading tag in the proper way to boost rank highers in the search result. Drop your keyword in Heading tag boost high ranks.

7. Optimizing Image Alt Text

Hidden traffics come from Images, So our important work keeps our eye on images.

It will play a major role in generating traffics. Many newbies’s forget to optimize their Image alt text.

How will search engine find our image?

First, we should understand how the search engine will find our image? It’s a simple to answer we people are typing a keyword apple. Within the fraction of seconds, it will show exact results.

Let’s take example:-

Ex:1 Aron typing a keyword apple it will show Apple fruit

Ex:2 Kim Kardashian typing a keyword Apple Phone it will show exactly apple Phone instead of Apple Fruit.

How will it choose exactly?

Human point of View simply viewing image as the image, at the same time, the search engine can’t view it as an image.

It has no eyes to watch :). So it will view it as text,so carefully write that text as proper keyword text.

Choose of an image should be perfect and choose of keyword exactly matches the both.

Save your Image as Keywords names

After choosing the image for the right project, many of the newbies forget to name the image. Always save your image as right keywords.Ex:If am downloading a laptop images, save it as laptop.jpg, laptop.jpeg and laptop.png. Choose JPEG Image as your preference.

Name your Image Alt Text

As I have earlier said that while we are using Image Alt Text For Seo technique.

We can’t see the code it’s for search engine and Image for Visitors.

So make your search engine happy and easy way to generate traffics from Image searches.

Generating Traffics is our ultimate way

Do you one thing nowadays people don’t have time. Some asking you to need awesome photography people never go to web search and grab that photo.

Simply go to image search and type the keywords. Currently, every day millions of peoples are searching in Image search.

Grab hidden traffics easily with Image alt text method.

Short Image Alt Text Vs Small Image Alt Text

The current situation is peoples are surfing long tail keywords.So use it as Alt text.It will boost our website traffics.

Don’t go up too long, because the search engine will eye your image hardly, So choose your Alt text long Tail Keyword and crispy.

Search Engine Point Of View- <img src=”Apple Iphone.Jpeg” alt=”Apple iPhone”>

8. Keyword Density

Keyword Density is nothing but repeated keywords appears in certain pages with a number of times. Our ultimate goal is to increase traffics that’s why we choose .

Keyword density calculation is the important method to prevent your website ban from search engines.There is a calculation available in keyword density calculation

Keyword Density = ( Nkr / Tkn ) * 100

Nkr = Number of times specific keyword reappear

Tkn = Total words analyzed text

Don’t write repeated text for non-targeted keywords.It will trouble you more while calculating keyword density.

Alway keep your keyword density 2-4% keyword density is best for us to keep.

How to tackle keyword density

*Best way to crack the system is write the same keywords in different meaning.

9. Number Of Inbound or Internal Links

Many blogger’s are always trying so much of hard work to get back links form outside sides. None of them care about Inbound or Internal Links.

It has five important benefits

1.Link to old article or previous article

2.Internal backlinks boost anchor text keywords

3. Increase page views more

4.Reduce Bounce Rate

5.Keep our visitors more time

Link to old article or previous article

Every day we are hardly writing one article per day. Many articles are visitors not reading fully it will turn to an old article.

Our dedication and hard work its entirely waste of time. So overcome this problem link to an old article is the perfect way to increase page views more by linking old articles.

Increase Anchor text Keywords

Our ultimate goal is to make our keyword rank well in search engine. So we should use our internal link as keywords.

The search engine will calculate inbound and outbound links. So use internal links whenever possible.

Increase page views more

Interlinks help our visitors surf older articles, it will result from page views more. Our ultimate goal is to increase traffics so whenever possible any method we should utilize the tactics very properly.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Do you know about bounce rate.Its defined as visitors without spending time on our blog, then we called it as bounce rate.

Too much of bounce rate it will affect your blog too. Search engines calculate your blog as worthless that’s why peoples leaving. Many smart bloggers’s choosing irrelevant traffics keyword in article. Ex:I am writing successful women entrepreneur list.

But instead of using “women entrepreneur “ keyword using Lady Gaga. With our expectation Kevin type lady gaga in Google search box.

Suddenly income cracker will list first in Google search list, He eagerly click my website and come to my blog, He see my post How to optimize with the search engine. Oh shit, Damn it!!! without reading a single word in blog pop out from my blog.

It will term as Bounce rate.

Keep our visitors more time

Our work makes our visitors spending more time on our website.

How its possible? Insert more images are catchy and diverting them to show our hard-work to them.

Every article is valuable so indirectly explain all key points. How Wikipedia using these tactics linking to numerous or previous articles.

Go to Google and type on page SEO wiki or Wikipedia you will see more number of content with more number of inbound linking so we should adopt Wikipedia method.

10. Link to authority sites or Outbound links

Point your blog to high page authority and high page rank websites or simply pointing your blog to your competitors will boost SEO signal in search engines.

Many bloggers are thinking I have worked very hard to build my blog then why should I bring my back links to another blogger.

Always keep in mind don’t look for the short term, always focus your mind towards the long term. Do you agree or not I have been watching more number of blogs appears in Google search results ranks for on page seo.

But many blogs where vanished or it has moved to 5th page or 10th page. But still some blogs are appearing top in search result why? So don’t point your blog to too many authority websites.

11. Exact match anchor text or natural anchor text

Anchor text is nothing but linking the particular keywords to inbound or outbound link to other pages.

Google search engine smartly detect our work, so always keep in mind that during exam hall, we simply or hardly cheat inspection people but robots never cheat anything.

So don’t think too smart to cheat the system.

Best ways for anchor text

1.Point your anchor text as exact keywords. But don’t aggressively point out all time otherwise you will be in trouble.

2.Natural way anchor text helps the website every linking are natural

3.Naked anchor texts boost on page signal

12. Site-responsive design

Our ultimate goal is bounce rate, its the important thing in SEO world. Always keep your visitors stay long.

Do you agree on it or not next generation smart phone’s or tablet will rule the world. Site-responsive sites boost traffics from a mobile device and reduces bounce rate.

Site-responsive designs still a parameter in Google rankings.

13.Monetizing clumsy ads or irritating ads

Do you think about visitors points of view?  I agree that we are working passion, dedicated and focus.

But if anyone doing some work expectation is money same like that as a bloggers point of view advertisement is the very first think strikes in our mind.

In this modern world, everyone them thinking with a single click want to become a millionaire? hmm so harshly monetizing more number of ads. I had seen ads in the number of blogs banner ads, text ads, pop out ads, video ads I don’t know where it came from congratulation you won I phone?Oh I got it….. and finally survey ads.

After my brain reaction oh shit idiot get out from the hell? be with the limit is the best way for anything so always use limit ads surely will earn decent million dollars.

I have crafted ON-PAGE SEO: Optimize Killer On page Optimization.The reader is you enjoy my writing if anything I have missed let’s comment below to find.