[80 % OFF ] Market Samurai Review :Best keyword Research tool

Market Samurai Review

Market Samurai is a best and popular keyword research tool available in Noble Samurai. This is also called as Targeting Market internet group. Market Samurai is a standalone keyword tool, it will work with SEO.

It will help you to search best keywords to your industry. Here Income crack bringing the best market samurai review by step by step guide.

SEO Keyword tool having a capability of best keyword research and offer the best keywords to your websites deeper keywords to your content making.

Market samurai works with the help of google research tool, it will search and collect the best and popular keywords from google keyword research tool.Because it will give most popular keywords to you to enhance your website.

Then, you getting more benefits from SEO keyword research tool. Positive keyword function to help you to get most needed keywords to search for your content.

Negative function to help you to neglect unwanted keyword search for your content.

This market Samurai keyword planner tool is set of useful and unique tool for your keyword research.

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What will you going to learn in this:

  1.   How to do keyword analysis
  2.   How to work with keyword tool
  3.   Pick nice keywords from keyword suggestion tool
  4.   Seo competition market samurai
  5.   How to Use Market Samurai for  competition analysis
  6.   How to Use Market Samurai for Keyword Research
  7.   How To Find Content For Websites Using Market Samurai
  8.   How to use market samurai rank tracker

Market Samurai Review -Keyword Analysis Tool

  1. Keyword Research
  2. SEO Competition
  3. Domains
  4. Monetization
  5. Find Content
  6. Publish Content
  7. Promotion
  8. Rank Tracker

1. How to Use Market Samurai for Keyword Research:

Market Samurai Research keyword tool is easier than google research keyword tool and it is much friendlier through finding extensive keyword list on your website growth.Check out market samurai black friday it will roll out on November 25.

This consists of two main modules in keyword generator.

Generating a list of the keyword is the first keyword research module.

This List generating do specify to functions: Collecting positive keywords for your needed keyword and Negative keyword ie, unwanted keywords for your keyword search. Then, you can Hold your keywords by manually.

After your keyword search list prepared, you click on “Keyword Analysis” button to start an analysis of your keyword from this Samurai keyword generator. This is the second module, it consists of following factors in analysis function.

Organics – It is having total searches, SEO traffic (SEOT), Phrases to Board (PBR), and Trends.

Adwords – It is having Adwords Traffic (AWT), Adwords CPC (AWCPC) and Adword CTR (AWCTR).

Commerciality – It is having Adwords Value (AWV) and SEO value (SEOV).

Competition – It is having SEO Comp (SEOC), Tittle Comp (SEOTC), URL Comp (SEOUC), Title/URL Comp (SEOTCR) and Adwords Comp (AWC).

2. How to Use Market Samurai for  competition analysis:

SEO Competition is finding, a number of competitive sites for a given keyword research. You can see whether that keyword is useful or not. Keyword research is not enough to find competitiveness of the keyword. But its all depends on How keyword gets strength from competitive sites.

SEO Competition provides much easier to get ranking for the phrase with 60,000 highly optimized competing sites.

Then, it will show like first, 10 spots of google and drag the result and Characteristics of the sites and ranking.

STEPS followed for SEO Competition:

First, it’s all looks at the on-page optimization for a given search keyword. After that it will look into; Number of unique Backlinks, Domain age, Page rank, Number of sub pages, and then do an analysis of whether the site is available in DMOZ and Yahoo Directories.

From this data and steps, you get an idea about SEO competition and you have an idea of can we use this keyword for your website or not.

3. How to Use Market Samurai for Domains:

If you using new keywords for your content of your websites. your keyword will reach and get ranking by using this domain samurai. you using Domain samurai, you will get a massive boost to your traffic by “keyword.com” domain.

Benefits of using this domain samurai:

  • you can unlock the power of ” aged domain” to get page rank.
  • you using Domain samurai, you will get a massive boost to your traffic by “keyword.com” domain. you can unlock the power of “aged domain” to get page rank.
  • you can find keyword rich domains before your competition.

4.  How to Use Market Samurai for  Monetization:

Monetization will help you to find products that are relevant to your keywords. if you have this module, it also provides the ad creation tool. you can use this tool in a sidebar, blog post, or a banner.

Another module is useful to you. that is, you can create some targeted contextual ads (via google Adsense). Then, you can immediately be published them on your blogs or websites.

Then, it searches all marketplaces like Amazon, Click bank, Commission junction, and PayDotCom.

5.How To Find Content For Websites Using Market Samurai :

Find content is helpful to you find Content or stock content, if you are not interested in writing content for your website or you want to see how others wrote the articles.

You can use for your sites from finding content relevant to your interest of articles.

It searches a number of places for content following in below.

Articles – Articles having Ezine Articles, an Article city, Go-Articles, Wikipedia, and Constant Content.

Blogs – It is having google blog search option.

Misc/News – It is having Scribd Documents, Google news, Yahoo news, and Yahoo answers

Pictures/videos – It having YouTube videos and Flickr images.

Finding content may help your content to fight writer’s block.

6.How to Use Market Samurai for Publish Content:

Publish Content is a basically an offline editor for your WordPress blog.

This module provides text processing format software. just like your Microsoft word and only optimized to your WordPress blog.

You don’t need correct manually, all issues when you copy from word and paste to WordPress.

You can publish this content to your website. and it will mostly useful when you using the Microsoft windows for your WordPress blog.

7.How to Use Market Samurai for Promotion:

The promotion will help you to  search some back links for your given keyword. This can search by different sources following below and after searched and get back from a set of site list.

Then it will useful for those sites are no follow links, or support pingback/trackbacks. you can choose a number of those sites and create some links them on your content.

After that, you click that, that link automatically go back where you gave link by pingback/trackbacks. Then, it may not work properly but you can use this to find relevant sites for your given keyword research and try to get them link from manually.

8.How to use market samurai  Rank Checker:

You can check already used keywords in other sites and know the ranking of your searching keyword.

Then, you have benefits of, you can track the keyword by google, yahoo, and ping and all up to 1000 rank keywords and phrases are used.

It’s having a possibility of observing keywords and can store all historical data in the view of graphical view. you can multiple tracks and ULRs from external domains.

You can convert this module into CSV format and further use in Excel format or similar formatting files.

These are the features of market samurai.

Market Samurai Dojo:

Market Samurai dojo is an area on the website of guiding you through online marketing videos. It will show you, how to use this software and its benefits. The main advantage of this software is very simple to use. you can get grip easily within half an hour.If you have any doubts in this, market samurai dojo will help you.

Market Samurai Price:

For the full version of Market samurai is $ 149 and you get Market Samurai software at full version by $ 97  in discount amount (if you download the free trial software and use).

Strengths of market samurai:

      • Free trail available
      • Strong SEO keyword research
      • Regular updates available
      • Collation and integration

Advantages of Market Samurai:

  • Excellent Keyword research tool
  • User flexibility on multiple platforms
  • One time payment mode
  • It is having unique tool and features
  • Best rank checking for your keywords
  • It can be optimized from one window

Finally, you can collect the best keywords from the Market Samurai keyword research tool and from these keywords you will get to go next level of your success.