[Long Tail Pro Review 2016] : Best keyword research tool

long tail pro review

How to do keyword research properly?

Today am going to you some hidden secret technique’s I had been using since my blog originated and also about keyword research. Here am breaking my secrets for my readers to grow their blog income higher and get ready  to crack the dollar making  keywords. Here I created a long research on long tail pro review is the best choice for any marketer. Long tail pro is the ultimate tool for cracking huge dollars.

Before move to know about  step by step guide. Here I just added some valuable points here.

Two kinds of Internet Marketers  in the world?

  • Hard  Working Internet  Marketers    –    People who ready to work hard and get positive results.
  • Smart Working Internet Marketers    –    Peoples who choose instant techniques to get the huge positive result.

Have you understand my overview how marketers are classified.

Choice is your do you want to be a hard working Internet Marketer or smart working Internet Marketer!!

Ask any experts from blogging field which one need for blogging success?

Do you love blogging?

Money making is very important terms for any kind of business it may be small, medium, large etc’s?

Every day my blog readers ask me to regard how to do keyword research properly and  find dollar making keywords.

Choose of good keywords will get more visitors and convert visitors to sales making is the smart blogger choice.

I had emailed successful blogging experts from digital marketing and I asked my question to them “How to choose the keyword with dollar making with the single click”.

Most of the successful blogging entrepreneurs replied me that  the long tail pro is the boon for bloggers to easily do keyword research and making huge dollars on single keywords.

Long Tail pro will bring relevant profitable keywords within the fraction of the second. As a blogger, our ultimate desire is instant keyword suggestion, right?

Many keyword research tool never shows you higher-paying keyword tools

Long tail pro is the best business consumer key phrases analysis tool, which allows us to rank higher or making dollars instantly.

The long tail keyword generator has plenty of features here am breaking step-by-step tutorials.

The word’s most complete keyword Research & Competitor Analysis Software is a long tail pro. It’s having an enormous amount of option allow us to do sharp keyword research.

Three kinds of keyword researchers are available in the internet marketing field.

  • Short        (Head  Keywords)
  • Medium  (Medium Keywords)
  • Long        (Long Tail Keywords)

keyword research


Short        –    It  has exact keywords can use for analysis, then it’s attractive specific terms

Medium   –    It  has in between keywords of the short and long tail types

Long         –    It  has 3+ keywords can use for analysis, then it’s attractive a more specific audience.

Here Our tool having option to tell us head keywords,Medium keywords, and Long Tail Keywords

This tool can help you to save more  time by searching the other parts.Most of the marketer who are using long tail keyword pro tools.

What will you learn from Income Cracker 

  • How to do keywords research properly
  • How to do competitor analysis using long tail pro
  • How to find high profitable keywords with less competition
  • How to rank high competition keywords
  • How to see the rank checker
  • How to do keyword research for seo
  • How to do awesome seo keyword research for a standard website
  • How to do awesome seo keyword research for free

Let’s see, what we are  going to learn in this long tail pro device.

Long tail pro review

Using this long tail pro tool we can easily analysis any kind of keywords. First, you have started the long tail pro device then expand plus symbol on your opened device monitor. Then next you have to fetch the details of project title, a language you want to target and which country you want to search keywords, after given these details then press the create project.

Enter Your Project Title

Before starting any project naming is the higher priority term to name your project name. Many of the bloggers rush up on using the keywords it will cause chaos or more confusion.

Blogger having plenty of projects

Ex: Peterson having 12 projects he is a smart blogger but no time for naming his project there is no proper naming suddenly he choose some other projects and start working on link building and content writing. Finally, he figured out that chosen wrong project his time and energy lost Finally he lost his project too due to not keeping his project on time.

Choose Country level keywords

Here it having an option to choose country level  targeting. As a marketer, our targeting should be accurate and market our products at any place.

Choose Language level keywords

Here language is very important for starting our project

Choose Network level keywords

Include Adult keywords.

Your project contains adult keywords then use include adult keywords otherwise won’t use the adult keyword ideas.

Here am added my project title as “Test “. For your convenience type your favorite names on project title. Don’t choose confusing title names it will confuse you more and it will cause more trouble too.

i) Add your keyword on long tail pro

After creating the project, next going to give  find keyword search. in this going to give following details

  • Add seed keywords ie, the main keyword has to search
  • Add my own keywords  ie, which accurately collected from your third party
  • Activate the filters in advance (optional)
  • click to generate keywords and fetch data. its will access with your google account

After giving your information, it will give a lot of long tail keywords like following below image.

This search gives the result of suggested bid, local searches, global searches, and advertiser

II. Settings

Here, we going to create MOZ API account with google account. These settings are given by below.

This setting is going to already have an account of SEOmoz.

Data fetching speed

Here, we can be useful for your server getting faster by google average delay and bing average delay.

Keyword Search Tool

Here, we can search the specific and your needed keyword in this field. Then we can see the result for the given specific search keyword.

These searching term and results are given in following below.

Long Tail Keyword Research Tools

Here, Keyword analysis can do for the certain price for specific keywords. That’s the term called suggested bid or pay-per-click analysis.

After given the minimum to the maximum  bid of the keyword, we can see the suggested bid for the particular keyword.

These searching term and results are given in following below.

Local search keywords

Here, we can search the how many members seeing this keyword per month on major three search engine google, yahoo, and bing.

After given the minimum to the maximum  range of numbers in this search term, we can easily view this particular range of members.

These searching term and results are given in following below.

Advertiser competition

Here, we have three levels of rating for the advertiser competitors. they are

i) Low ii) Medium iii) High

Then what the result  we want for our specific keyword, we just enable the low or medium or high levels in this advertiser competition item.

After we enabling the levels, the results are shown in the window.

These enabling the levels  and results are given in following below.

Keyword Rank checker

In this, we going to check the rank of your specific domain. First, have to give what is your domain field, adding the keyword and after giving a setting for google country and google language.

After given those details of your own, we can see the results of which rank for the which keyword.

These settings and the result of rank checking also shown in below images.

Keyword Export result

This result can be seen by in our long tail pro monitor it’s looks like the following image by using this tool export our data into any of spreadsheet to add the report or to send off to a client. You can just try the google Adword planner for the keyword research, this also give you result and long tail pro also giving results but this is advanced method to search keywords.

You can just try the google Adword planner for the keyword research, this also give you result and long tail pro also giving results but this is advanced method to search keywords.

Finally, we came to end of this article, this long tail pro is the best keyword planner and you can search any keywords in this and you get more benefits from this software.