LeadPages Review: Build Profitable Email Capture Tool

Lead pages Review

The lead page is an excellent tool for internet marketers and live show hosters.

It’s a simple drag and drops software tool allow you to create your own template.

Lead pages are called as email capture software or tracking the right conversion tool.

Lead pages play’s and major role in helping webinars,presenting live tutorials, etc’s with excellent features allow the customer to register our own spot.

Internet Marketers need smart converting software that’s why lead page play’s vital role on grabbing accurate customer email leads with vibrant templates. and it will help you to build the mailing list for your business.

LeadPages Review : Fastest Ways to Generate Leads Using LeadPages

The lead page is the important software showing excellently formatted templates exactly showing as like web page format.

Creating the best landing pages -Create high converting landing pages For to connect with webinars, books, courses and other   offers.

Set up email sign up forms – This helps you to increase your email list.

Deliver Ethical Bribes – It converts new websites visitors into leads or customers.

A lead page is simple to use and it just give following steps to proceed your page.

  1. Choose your template.
  2. Then edit that template for your convenient and you needed design (Text, video, image and button) to fulfill
  3. You can edit until you are fulfilling your design
  4. After save and publish.

Why are we going to Learn From the Lead page tool?

  • Because ease of  use this lead page software tool.
  • It takes five minutes to create landing and page.
  • You can change and update the new templates as your business writers and marketer love.
  • It is integrated with popular email services such as Aweber, Mail Chimp, and infusionsoft
  • It can act with your WordPress plugin or it will provide formatted HTML, you can copy and paste to the back-end of your website.

Where can you use this Lead pages?

You can use this lead pages in different kind of ways or to publish. They are given in below.

Word press sites – Here, you can use this lead page software tool with WordPress plugins Non-WordPress sites – Not having WordPress plugins, lead page providing

Non-WordPress sites – Not having WordPress plugins, the lead page providing HTML Templates you just copy and paste to your back-end of your websites.

Facebook – Create a tab in your Facebook to lead your relationship with your customer or visitors.

No websites – use the lead page URL directly apply on the browser (they will host you).

This kind of way you can use this lead page.

What is landing page?

The landing page is also called as “lead capture page” or “lander” in online marketing. It is a single web page that appears in SEO search result. it will always display advertiser, search result or link of directed sales copy.

Landing page often linked to social media, email campaigns or Search Engine Marketing campaigns to increase the effectiveness advertisement.

Types of Landing pages:

Having two types of Landing pages. They are,

  1. Reference landing page – This information is  fully relevant to the visitor. its includes text, image, dynamic compilations of relevant links or other elements.
  2. Transactional landing page – This will help the visitor take an action to completing the transaction. it is accomplished by form to filled out f visitor needed.

Needs of Landing pages:

      • Form to get email data from the website visitor.
      • Having more landing pages in your website will create to increase leads.
      • You can email them for a sales reason and can lead your business relationship towards them.

Is this leadpage tool useful to you?

Yes, absolutely useful to you business growth by increasing your email list quickly and it’s perfect.

Features of Lead pages:

There are five main features are available in this lead page tool. Those features are,

  1. Admin feature
  2. Facebook Feature
  3. Template feature
  4. Webinar feature
  5. Analytic’s  feature

These are explained in following below,

1. Lead Pages Admin Features:

  • Complete Hosting of pages – It is easy to build your landing page on our leadpage server in minutes and collect your email list.
  • Digital asset delivery made easy – It delivers free bribe easier than ever. for the easy templates, you can create opt-in pages instantly and use in your websites to collect email list quickly.
  • Redirect your web traffic in a few clicks – if sometimes offer expires, you’re service of landing pages last forever. the leadpage providing redirects your web traffic in some clicks, then you can get your service immediately.
  • Get paid to use lead pages with Global solutions
  • Borrow our customer “best of” templates for more flexibility – every day we get emails from our leadpage customers  and they can test of they created the new design with your affiliated link. This provides a flexibility and more choice.
  • Sort Landing pages by conversion rate – its works inside the customer page and not just edit by name, with an only opt-in rate. This gives you highest converting ranked landing page first to last.
  • Easily duplicate your landing pages – if you find any other templates, that suits your business or other campaigns. the lead pages easily duplicate your landing page in few clicks.
  • Get more sales on 4o4 error pages – If your customer gets 404 error on your websites, they left your sites quickly. but our leadpage provides a service of opt-in information of your customer what they want to search while occurring 404 error on your site. then, its stop your customer left the websites. You can get more opportunity in this.
  • Quick, Easy upgrades with page regeneration – This gives you to do “instant upgrade” and leadpage delivers new templates with your existing templates on your account to upgrade. These all possible in just a few clicks to get greatest and latest templates on your platform.
  • Stay organized with grouping and leading options – each and every template you made is stored in your personal account and you can refer them to our custom grouping and leading options.
  • Triple or quadruple your opt-in rates with Welcome gate – welcome gate is a one of the specific opt-in pages to increase your opt-in rates.

2. Lead Pages Facebook Features:

  • 100% Facebook page compatible – leadpage provides templates to build on your facebook page and collect email list by few clicks and takes less than ten seconds.
  • Make Facebook tabs more mobile friendly – It provides redirect features to your mobile customer to increase the list.

3.  Lead pages Template Features:

  • create and deploy landing pages in minutes – your idea of landing page will turn into few minutes on  your websites by the use of leadpage software too.
  • Different Landing page templates – There are 70+ landing page templates available for your websites or Facebook. they also include Facebook page, webinar page, opt page and sales page, thank you page and more have.
  • Simple, fast and WordPress integration – Its is so simple and fast when you have WordPress plugin to your websites. just install and select your template and use to your websites.
  • Do everything without touching any line of code – You can do all without any touching of the line of code, such as change image color, edit design, and all your landing page.
  • The fastest lead pages in industry – This is the fastest landing pages to the industry because our writers will optimize our line code to get maximum speed and functionality.
  • Use an ultimate number of domains – you can create a landing page for any domains like your clients, your business, or yourself. You can also use our templates in different languages.
  • Built in SEO options – All our templates are ground up Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So, it automatically increases your SEO ranking to your websites.
  • Can collect your  subscriber’s personal information with custom fields – You can collect your subscriber’s details like name,address, and other information will show on your email list by few clicks. and it is easy and quickly gather your subscribers details.
  • Boost your OPT-In rates – Boost your opt-in rates by asking two actions subscribers. it is called “two step opt-ins”. it will growth your pot-in rates by 60%.
  • Create your own designs – You can develop your design templates by whatever you like to get sales in your websites.
  • Build your list with old popups – when your website visitors come into the end of your page. At this time, this end pop-ups will open and collect your visitor email list.
  • More dynamic elements – To attract to your visitors. Lead pages provide highest converting landing page by “buy now button” or “Countdown timer”.

4. How to Create a High-Converting Webinar Landing Page:

  • Integrates with all email providing services – it is integrated with Aweber, infusion soft, office Autopilot, Mail chimp, GoTo Webinar or 1 shopping cart. you can integrate with all these email service providers.
  • Turn any pages to your webinar registration page

5. Analytic Features

  • Build in split testing – it will help you to increase Highest converting pages to your business by using this split test. It will test, we providing useful and highest converting templates to anyone.
  • Easy to view conversation rate stats and analytic’s – you can track how your landing pages working and check historical data of your landing pages. Then also providing graphical analysis to your conversion rates for increasing your business.

Benefits of Lead pages:

        • It allows us to unlimited Traffic
        • It’s having fast downloading time
        • it’s having Cloud based (nothing to install or download)
        • its easily integrates with autoresponders and webinar solutions
        • most important it providing fast customer support
        • It can be easy to use and simple
      These are the Lead page software tool and its feature and benefits to growth your business by increasing your visitor email list.