Kontent Machine Review : Easily Generate Unique Content

Kontent Machine Review

As an online marketer, this content making is somewhat difficult. How to make content with relevant keywords? Is it will reach to the people? How to add pictures and videos in this content making?

So many questions arise like these in our mind when we going to start the content writing. There was a solution for this all kind of problem. That is Kontent Machine tool, this tool will help you to get solutions

Let’s see what we are going to learn this article and why.

  1. What is Kontent Machine?
  2. What are the Main Features of Kontent Machine?
  3. What are the steps to be followed for Content Making?
  4. What are the prices and discounts of Kontent Machine software?
  5. What are the overall features of Kontent machine software?

What is Kontent Machine?

Kontent machine is software tool for Search Engine Optimization experts, to scrape the articles from the internet and spin the articles and creating the article unique for the search engine. This Kontent Machine is most popular in creating content builders for SEOs and 95% unique content.

Main Features of Kontent Machine:

  • Super fast and top ranking content – The Kontent machine checks the content fast and automatically correct the article if you needed to change. And it also gives the best ranking content for your articles.
  • Designed for tiered linkbuilding – The Kontent machine also know, how to tiers your content with websites 2.0 and all.
  • Never seen before automatic niche relevancy checking algorithm – This algorithm checking the niche relevancy keywords with LSI keywords and then all created content are relevant for your needed.
  • State of the art content template builders – This provides most popular pre-defined templates for your content. and also you can find exact format.
  • 100% relevant categories and additional tags – If you’re in confusion with which category you going to make a content. This Kontent Machine tool gives all details of relevant, which category you going to write the content and tags.
  • 100% relevant titles and summaries and resource boxes – Kontent Machine gives the right Title for your content making and also fill the summary.
  • Powerful Nested spintax – You can be spin multiples of articles at a time by using this nested spintax. This is very Exactly spintax gives the 100 different articles can spin.
  • Automatically insert contextual links – Kontent Machine provides contextual links to your articles in random places. This also supports with plain anchor texts, resource box links, anchor images, custom tokens, and co-citations.  and also performing place the third party links with their authority.
  • The most powerful autoblogger  – Then, this autoblogger will do efficiently build the content and published in your blog automatically.
  • Hundreds of major upgrades available in the Kontent machine software.

What are the steps to be followed for Content Making?

The following steps to be followed in the Kontent Machine software tool and the steps are briefly explained in below.

  1. Launch the Kontent Machine tool
  2. Add one or more keywords
  3. Link settings
  4. Contextual links
  5. Scraper settings
  6. Output settings
  7. create the content
  8. Export the Created content to your blog

Let’s see, how to handle the Kontent machine’s steps,

1.Launch the Kontent Machine tool:

First, going to launch the content machine tool and it will first  appearance looks like, It showing the main window, it consists of New, Saved, Quick, Blueprints, Tools and Back options.

Then you have clicked on New campaign or already saved, quick to content making, can also see other campaign’s blueprint and having many options. Add one or more keywords

2.Add one or more keywords:

Then start to click on New and one menu will open.  This menu shows the settings and the menu having the Content source, Scraper setting, Campaign setting, Campaign name, main keywords, Content quality, Spinner (having Credentials), image/video links (having one advanced setting), Bookmark tweaks, Article tweaks and Add one content option.

First, give the content source ( what kind source we want)

Then give campaign name and give three keywords ( main keyword, second keyword, and third keyword)

Overall features of Kontent Machine:

  • Produce quality content and it can automatically correct the content
  • It can create quality article with tier link building
  • 100% relevant categories and tags
  • 100% relevant title, summaries, and resource box
  • 100% relevant pictures and videos
  • It having powerful spintax
  • It also having auto blogger integration
  • It automatically connects and set with contextual links
  • Then, it having auto bloggers integration tools like KM spinner, spinnerChief, SpinChimp, Spin Rewriter, WordAi, and The best spinner
  • It can automatically create content for SENuke, Ultimate Demon, GSA SER, And sick submitter etc..

What are the prices and discounts of Kontent Machine software?

Monthly subscription of $ 37 and if you subscribe today you get an immediate discount of $ 29/ Month.

Lifetime Subscription of $ 357 and if you subscribe today you get an immediate discount of $ 217/ Lifetime.