19 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website [Increase Traffic Strategy]

Increase traffics

How to increase traffic to our website?

Every business need profit making strategy concept. Do you agree with my point? Without the profit-making strategy, none of them run their business.

Increase website traffic is the very first thing need in online marketing industry.

As an online marketer increasing traffic to our blog is our ultimate goal. Dreaming popular blog is everyone’s ultimate goal in the blogging industry.

How to increase traffics to our blog? Oh shit!! I know your mind voice guys am too struggling to increase my visitors to my site.

Search engine optimization technique needs  more time to get website number in search engine result.

1.High-quality content is king

Search engine optimization technique 2015 has changed a lot in the blogging industry. Do you know best example is Pepsi company? It has invested billions of dollars in content marketing industry. Approx 100-200 billion dollars have been investing content marketing since seo marketing field.

It’s the very  first tips to increase site traffic to our blog. It will boost natural and organic traffics.

Natural or organic way is the only and only way to get more conversion rate. As an online marketing industry boost conversion rate higher we need search rank number 10 in search result. Do you know one thing page got second in search result is dead page as per as marketing is concerned.

Regularly practicing high quality content will get 1000 visitors per day. Am saying full time bloggers not part time bloggers. As a part time blogger not worry about visitors. It need some months to get high visitors. Because we need 3 or 5 days to build quality content. As a full time blogger need 1 days to create quality content that’s the difference.

Kindly note my tips already we got 1000 visitors.

2.Target long tail keywords

Building high quality content is our ultimate goal but smart marketers target long tail keywords to increase visitors.

3.Update blog post frequently

No hidden rule world is hungry on reading news every day. Everyone wants their knowledge self-improve. Data has proven visitors are searching billions of search result in the search query. A best practical example is wiki answers, quora and yahoo answers. Millions of people are thrust to learn new topics. So update our blog post frequently boost regular visitor.

4.Share our post in Facebook personal account and pages

Every one of them having minimum 500-600 friends in our personal account and minimum followers in Facebook pages is 100-300 followers. Keep our eye on social media especially Facebook regularly  update our post in social media boost visitors.

5.Facebook groups drive tremendous results

I had personally tested and implemented this strategy. Facebook groups have more number of traffics. Don’t worry how to join Facebook groups right? Focusing on specific keywords is our ultimate goal. So always focus on particular groups. So always target on right peoples. If you are a search engine optimization specialist you should follow Seo oriented groups. That’s the great way to increase traffics.

6.Create youtube best videos and get viral

Visualization and content marketing strategy will boost more visitors. Especially video marketing play’s a major role in real time. Video marketing has been using since past 10 or 15 years. Still it’s the visitors grabbing and visitors trapping box. Why not let’s try this video marketing. Video marketing has a lot of methods still youtube marketing is the king of all.

Types of video marketing platforms

        • YouTube marketing
        • Metacafe marketing
        • Vimeo Marketing
        • Dovetail Video marketing
        • Customflix marketing
        • Turn here marketing

7.Creating powerful pins in Pinterest

Pinterest is the very powerful marketing strategy in search engine optimizations. Pins are nothing but boards arranged in a cluster of collection termed as Pinterest. It’s a golden opportunity for us to link our site images to Pinterest. Nowadays Pinterest is dominating all social media’s always keep your eye on Pinterest. Then also Many of us use to download Pinterest.

8.Twitter business page and personal page

If Facebook is the king of social media then where is the queen? ya, right twitter is the queen of social media. with our this we can’t get viewers. If you can create a new twitter account and regularly focus on twitter and it will boost more converters.

9.Meta tags play’s major role in grabbing customers

Meta tags boost more conversion rate? Is it possible and a hidden truth in online marketing. Every second marketer is writing millions of quality articles. Then how customers choose the best website. Very first step is  meta title tag then second meta description.

  • Meta title tag
  • Meta description
  • Meta keywords

Meta title tag-It should be eye catchy and search engine catchy. It will drive organic traffic and visitors increase.

Meta description-Title tag judge what kind of article it is then description skimming preview to customers and preview to new visitors

Meta keywords-It’s nothing but inserting keywords in meta keywords tag. It will help search engine to know what kind of site it so concentrates on this.

10.Pugmark your site in forums

Forums are the huge marketplace for online marketers. Targeted people surfing in forums for many reasons. Our work is very simple to tell them the good story about the particular topic it should be depth and powerful. We should show them we are the best marketer in online marketing.

11.Interlink your article to another page

Wikipedia is the best example in blogging. They had interlinked their site to many pages as much as possible. It will reduce bouncing rate. The bouncing rate is nothing but the customer just  entering our site and  add no value to pages or no activity on our page. It will cause higher bounce rate. Page with higher bounce rate impact on search engine rankings so keeps an eye on that. Interlinking our article to other pages boost value to all articles. It will increase page views.

12.Use email capturing pop ups

90% of marketers found that email capturing is the only one and one way to lead more sales in all online marketing campaign. Start regular email campaign and interact with them. It will cause regular visitors to our blog.

13.Use social media share buttons

The Internet is the best and only one way for us to gain knowledge from a single click. Especially social media’s play a major role in online culture. If someone entering our site he or she had 500-1000 followers on Facebook or twitter or Pinterest. A single share will visible to 500-1000 peoples. His/him followers will convert to our blog.

14. Submit your site to Reddit

Reddit is nothing but virally trending platforms. No one doesn’t know the power of Reddit. Our web page got a number in Reddit page it will drive huge visitors to our site.

15.Comment on popular websites

Commenting on popular sites is another way to show yourself an authority in the blogging field. How commenting on popular sites will boost visitors? Our commenting should be very useful and powerful. We have guts to write in front of all.

16.Create useful infographics and gain free backlinks

Infographics drive tremendous marketing nowadays. Pinterest is the one and only platform to drive marketers to our site. We all well know about Pinterest having 75 % of repins. So create new infographics rest of them followers will re-pin our board. It will get free backlinks too.

17.Create high authority backlinks

Spam back links never help you guys. Google clearly hinted that adding low authority 1000 backlinks to our  site. It will equal 1 high page rank and high authority  sites to our site.

18.Optimize your site seo friendly

Optimize your site seo friendly boost search result number one in google. Optimize your site with SEO and get free boost sales value to your site.

19.Write quality guest post on authority sites

Guest post is the simple trick to show yourself an authority and it will drive online marketers to our site. Choose quality websites and play your own writing. It will get quality back links.

These are the ways you can increase your visitors and you get the internet traffic by this.