How To Start A Craft Blog -[ Best Craft And DIY Blogs ]

how to start a craft blog

How to start a craft blog? Online world is filled with talented blogger’s and creative marketer’s.

Do you want to take part in the stylish world right.

Today am going to teach you how to start a craft blog and convert your blog readers to customer’s.

Blogging field is booming now -a-day’s because  every day plenty of new comer’s entering the field and become popular.

Plenty of big marketer’s earning million’s of dollars simply using their blog’s and convert to sales.

Create a craft blog is like a kind of art we are going to shape our new world and we are owner we are the founders we feel pride to take our business to next level.

How To Start A Craft Blog – Ultimate Guide

Today we are going to learn a special topic regard how to start a craft blog and turn your visitor’s into customer’s with my step-by-step guide.Craft is nothing but it’s a kind of art right plenty of them having hidden talents we want to expose our talent to outside world with the help of start a blog online right.Let’s travel my guide and start a blog online today.

SL.NOCraft Blog ToolsDestination Link
1Craft Blog Domain NameDomain name here
2Craft Blog Hosting ProviderBlog Hosting Here
3Choose Best CMS Best CMS Software
4Craft Blog ThemeBlog Theme Here
5Best Wordpress PluginsAkskimet Plugin
Yoast Seo
Wp-smush it
Wp super cache
Auto Optimize
6Important Tracking CodesGoogle Webmaster
Bing & Yahoo Webmaster
Yandex Webmaster
Google Analytics
Alexa Verification

how to start a craft blog

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Start a craft blog with 6 different step-by step guide to start our online presence today.

Step 1: Buy Craft Blog Domain Name

Naming our business or registering our brand new domain name is the very first step we are going to learn. Before start our plan we must ask our-self naming our business it should me memorable and easy to follow word’s it’s very much important.

Plenty of domain name providers available in the online market but registering our domain @ best domain provider is our ultimate goal

Personally I used Name cheap is the best domain name provider and very much safe too.

Buy Your craft blog domain name —–> Buy Domain Name

Plenty of hosting providers are providing free domain name but am not satisfied with free domain name providers.It’s our business it’s our identity so invest our amount on domain name provider won’t cost you too much so try to purchase our domain name from best domain name provider’s.

Step 2 : Buy Your Craft Blog Hosting Provider

We successfully purchased our brand new domain name our next step is find suitable hosting provider.Today’s market there are plenty of hosting provider’s with cheap discount or cheap dollar’s .But most of the server time is downtime frequently.I had tested plenty of hosting providers with more downtime and finally found an excellent uptime and good support from blue host web hosting.

It’s the best hosting provider and it’s offers free domain name for first year and next year you must pay the additional bill.

Buy Cheap wordpress hosting ——–>Bluehost Web Hosting

I have been using blue host for the 1 and 1/2 years it’s strong uptime and had plenty of additional features make my blog powerful. Upcoming month every one of them waiting for bluehost black friday coupon enjoy the festival with blue host.

Step 3 : Choose Best CMS (WORDPRESS ) Software

We had successfully bought domain name and web hosting .Our next step is point you domain name to your registered web hosting.

Install your cms software (wordpress) it’s free blue host offering free 1 click install you need not worry to install your wordpress using FTP’S.

Install your wordpress divided into two part’s

  • 1.Using 1 Click Install
  • 2. Ftp server

I love to prefer 1 click install it’s simple and easy just scroll down your server and see a wordpress icon just click 1 click and install your wordpress within 1 or 2 minute your wordpress cms software will install on your web hosting.

Step 4 : Buy Craft Blog Theme

Our theme should be premium because we must show our online shop stylish and more features.Most of the newbie blogger’s never invest on premium themes it will cause negative impact to your readers.

Buy premium themes here ——-> Find Blog Theme

Create a craft blog need a good theme and it should be seo friendly I hope this website have thousands of premium themes with excellent features.

Step 5 : Install Best WordPress Plugins

Plugin’s play a vital role on blog success.I had used plenty of wordpress plugins and most of them are very useful and skyrocket our wordpress blog to next level easily.

  • Akskimet Plugin
  • Yoast Seo
  • Wp-smush it
  • Wp super cache
  • Auto Optimize

I hope this plugin will boost your wordpress productivity and take your blog to next level.

Step 6 : Install Important Tracking Codes

Tracking our business is the higher priority thing in our startup business we must know who are our audience and we must target our right audience to our website right.

We must submit our website to search engine web masters first

  • Google Webmaster
  • Bing & Yahoo Webmaster
  • Yandex Webmaster

We must Add our tracking Codes next

  • Google Analytics
  • Alexa Verification

I hope this article gave lot of information to how to start a craft blog and make your blog more fame within 30 day’s .But you need to learn lot of tactic’s inside Income cracker articles and  try to learn new things.