How to start a blog

Are You wondering how to start a blog it’s nothing but express our inner ideas or thoughts to show our own written articles in any part of the world with a single click.

Even though middle-class people or rich there is no barrier to starting.

Start our blog from remote village expresses his/her thoughts to the world very powerful.

Every one of them thinking that blog is for intellectual people’s, it’s entirely wrong.

Many blogs’s are very powerful in the world.

Why should we call the blog is powerful?

Just write anything and share to world our news’s are spreading very fast and viral. Like that blog something, it will go viral all over the globe.

Regular news paper or magazine’s forget to cover interior news or stories. Express your thoughts to the world.

The blog is called as “frequent news’s breaker or individual to express”.

Today’s world more than 200 Million blogs or 500 million blog’s is running. I don’t touch more about what is a blog.

Lets come to the point blog is to show our writing news to spread all over the globe.

7 Must Need Steps To Starting A Blog

  1. How to choose a domain name for your blog

2. How to Choose a Platform and Web Host

3. How to Choose a WordPress Theme

4. WordPress : How to Build a Professional Website

5. Create Mailing List Using Aweber

6. Installing WordPress Plugins And Tracking Tools

7. Speed Up Your WordPress Website

How to Start a Blog: The Complete Guide From Start to Finish

Every day millions of newbies are searching for “How to create a blog” or how to start a blog and make money online.It’s the term trending now-a-days’.

Its free or paid that’s why very popular on the internet. Many people’s are choosing the blog for many reasons.

I have found that many people were written numerous title’s related to “how to start a blog and make money online” ? Before learn on money-making ideas now am guiding you step-by-step guide to start a blog from scratch.

STEP 1 : How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Blog

Choose a paid  domain name is the very first investment made my most of the successful business owners.

Myth’s has been breaking every day plenty of digital marketer’s realized that owning free domain names like tumbler, blogger it won’t help to achieve their blogging carrier .

It’s the right time to purchase a brand new domain name for your online business.I had purchased a plenty of domain names on name cheap.

It’s low cost and customer support is good and higher domain protection.I am strongly recommended that purchase your brand new domain name .

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Let’s get ready to start !!

Click the link above to go name cheap dot com and your will see the panel domain name finder tool box..Price may be vary any time ,so hurry up and grab the offer avail today.

Enter your domain on domain  tool box.

Name Cheap domain finder tool box check it whether domain name available or not.If domain name is available it showing exactly as image below. This domain name is available

Domain Suggestion tool is another pretty features will instantly showing relevant domain name extension list.It’s your choice there are plenty of domain name available on name cheap choose bulk domain name here.

Checkout your available domain name on name cheap box and if apply any name cheap coupon code or special  coupon code on “PROMO CODE” box.

After selecting your domain name now it’s the time to checkout the price and purchase your domain name.Wow !! it’s the moment can’t express feeling “wooooow” right. Our first step 1 successfully finished now we are travelling to step 2 Get ready

Congrats for your own domain name or brand new domain name.Now it’s the time to learn step 2 tutorials.

STEP 2 : How to Choose the Best Web Hosting

If you are running your site on  free platforms you don’t care about their servers.

It’s free and support wise everything inbuilt but free server has plenty of disadvantages you don’t own your server any time they will terminate your blog with your permission once you violate their term’s and condition’s.

Choose of a self-hosted blog is the best way to get your own control panel and add additional software. What ever we want show our websites with anything with our own server.

Own control panel allows us own software installations and uploads your own themes etc’s .

It’s the right time to point your domain name to bluehost server it’s the  award wining server for speed and optimization.

Why need server?

Server is nothing but store our WordPress software’s ,files , images,content ,video’s etc’s that’s why we need server with strong up time.

Blue Host – The Best Web Hosting | Fast Professional Website Hosting.

Purchasing domain is the very first step and second step is we need to host our website on blue host server.It’s ultra fast and zero down time.

I had analyzed millions of websites most of the successful website who are all running on blue host.So it’s the best time to invest your dollar on blue hosting.

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Don’t research more on Software’s. There are plenty of software’s  are available in the market. But excellent software is Word press, there were million’s of people have been running on word press software’s.

Steps should follow while installing on word press software’s.Blue Host Allow’s two kind of installation

  • Using FTP to install your wordpress software
  • * 1 Click installation simple and easy.

Choose your relevant Hosting plan are you looking for advance option Plus plan suit for you.You are a newbie blogger then hit basic shared plan it’s the best choice for newbie blogger.

Select your preferred hosting plan and hit the select button below you will see the image for sign up now.Here I have a domain name box enter your newly purchased name cheap domain name here and click on next.

It will showing a box create your account to sign up your hosting add your first name, last name , optional (business name) , Country , Street Address , City ,State ,Zip Code , Phone Number , E-mail address etc’s share your details.

Next box you will see package information Basic 12 month , Basic 24 month or Basic 36 month . Choose your account plan .Here additionally blue host offering.

  • 1.Site BackUp Pro
  • 2.Search Engine Jumpstart
  • 3.SiteLock Security

It’s optional but my find of view Site backup pro and site lock security is must needed because suppose you lost data using site back up pro within 2 or 3 minute our site revert back quickly.

If suppose your site got malicious codes automatically site lock security will inform you quickly save your site easily.

Final Step is payment information use your credit card number ,Expiration Date and Signature /cvv2 Code  and click on I confirm therms and conditions etc and click on submit button finally you purchased your brand new server for your site.

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Following link will provide additional details regard  blue host additional features , 1 Click installation etc’s it’s hep you lot.

Step 3 : How to Choose a Perfect WordPress theme for your blog

Our next step is to install WordPress theme on blue host server.

Blue Host offering 1 click installation just point your mouse towards ” 1 click Installation ” within 2 or 3 minutes our wordpress software appear’s on blue host server.

Now it’s the time to purchase theme for your site.

Decide it whether are your planning to start a business websites or what ever else Theme forest it’s powering over 25,00 number of themes.Choose your relevant field and find relevant themes.

buy theme forest theme

Theme forest offering themes starting price at 2 $ to 85 $ per theme.Choice is your’s grab your theme based on your nice field.

Grab Theme Forest Theme —-> Buy Theme forest Website Templates &  Themes

Choose your nice related keyword on theme forest tool box.Here am typed magazine on tool box .Theme forest has two search result option

  • 1. Browse Popular item
  • 2. Browse Top New Items

Choose one option and hit go to find your relevant theme

Click on browse Popular Item and hit the search button it will show high quality theme based on your nice and purchase your lovable theme.

Step 4 : WordPress : How to Build a Professional Website.

Do you felt it’s tough to purchase or where to install etc’s.I had designed a course to easily build your site from scratch.In this course students will learn “A Step-by-Step Guide to Learn wordpress” and “Master quickly”.

No experience required.I have created Over 117 lectures and 7 hours of content! So It will turn you to powerful internet marketer.Create A Professional website or easily build A blog from scratch.

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Buy WordPress Course : How to Build a Professional Website

Step 5 : Create Mailing List Using Aweber.

E-mail is the very first step for any kind of business it may be services or products what ever else interacting with customer’s is the wining strategy.

75 % Of digital marketer’s lost their sales due to lack of email marketing.

Do you want to create email list?

Don’t lose your customer’s.

Our ultimate goal is to grab customer’s quickly and make his/her life long customer’s.

Check out amazon or Ebay most of the biggies asking our email id very first step.Because every month they will run promotion’s or offer’s etc so they will mail us every day regard offer’s or price cut etc.Choosing perfect email partner is always headache.

But I had reviewed plenty of email softwares but aweber is my higher priority.

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Step 6 : Installing WordPress Plugins And Tracking Tools

Plugin’s play vital role on wordpress because it’s powering the  wordpress site more powerful.It’s easy to install and easy to delete but always keep in mind that make some backup do anything on installations or deletions etc’s.

You Must Install This WordPress Plugins.

  1.  Akskimet Plugin   –  is the plugin will block spam comments. Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from spam.
  2.    Yoast Seo   – The first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more.
  3.   WP Super Cache   – Very fast caching plugin for WordPress.
  4.    Contact Form 7   – can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.
  5.    Autoptimize   – Optimizes your website, concatenating the CSS and JavaScript code, and compressing it.
  6.     WP Smush    – Reduce image file sizes, improve performance and boost your SEO using the free WPMU DEV WordPress Smush API.

You Must Install the Tracking Codes

  1.   Google Webmaster Tool  – Google Webmaster Tools is the primary mechanism for Google to communicate with webmasters and helps alert you about issues with your site.
  2.  Google Analytic’s  – Create your google analytic’s using your g-mail username and password to get tracking code from google analytic’s and insert your tracking code on your website.
  3.  Alexa Verification    – It’s play vital role on ranking system.
  4.  Yahoo-Bing and Yandex Verification   – It’s second most popular search engine’s so submit your site verification on Yahoo-Bing and Yandex verification.

Step 7 : Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Optimizing Your wordpress site is very important.Major leading e-commerce sites found that 2 millisecond’s of delay cause million’s of dollars lost.

Running a wordpress website it’s not easy because it’s sucking your server speed less.Optimize Your site turbo speed it’s tough right.

Checkout my gig’s on Fiver it cost 5 $ Only.Only way to get site speed higher is simple just order my gig I will increase your site speed.

I will speed up your WORDPRESS site in 24 hours or less 

I will increase your overall WordPress site’s performance and skyrocket your WordPress speed.

  • Reduce server response time
  • Prioritize visible content
  • Enable compression
  • Minify HTML
  • Minify HTML
  • Minify CSS
  • Minify JavaScript
  • Remove draft posts or revisions
  • Add lazy load images
  • Optimize Database
  • Optimize images
  • Choose caching plugins
  • Prevent Image
  • Hot linking Remove draft posts or revisions
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Enable gZip Compression
  • Enable compression
  • Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

If you have any question before ordering your services, please free to ask with me.”Customer priority is our prime motto”.

Step : 8 { Eleven} Hack To Turn Your Blog To Next Level

  • How to keep your mind sharp
  • One page business plan
  • How to motivate yourself
  • Choose interested topics
  • Search your topics in search engines
  • Few of the Topic’s trending Nowadays
  • Full-time Bloggers Vs Part-time Bloggers Vs Hobby Bloggers
  • Choose Your Domain Name
  • Before choose Platform Circle well Knowledge Persons
  • Decide your platform
  • Use Social Media as powerful

Step : 9 How To Keep Your Mind Sharp And Start A Blog Quickly

Very the first question from our mom and dad is are you, idiot? just simply sitting in front of the computer and starting a blog. Hey idiot what’s doing inside home and get outside.

These are the famous quotes from parent me to one of the fellow . Every blogger saying, How to create a blog and how to make money in create blog?. Our parents are discussing with neighbor hood, my son or daughter life will be trouble.

Always keep your mind sharp, forward, strong and powerful. Because many people are ready to hurt you so keep your mind sharp.

Very first opposing from our work is our parents, friends and close family circle. Always keep your mind set strong and powerful.

As an entrepreneur, our thinking and ideas should be bold and powerful so never deviate your work from creating a blog.

Step : 10 One Page Business Plan For Blogging

The best way to start a successful online business presence is to create a one-page business plan. Don’t decide your mind too fast in any methods.

Don’t hurry up on any action plan. Keep your mind sharp and crispy. Don’t divert on to her’s method or tactics. Never walk towards other’s footprints. Be the first to print your own footprints to the new path.

I am not saying that, don’t follow others method, It mean to try to understand their tactics and apply differently in a different manner. Many people’s have been working sincerely and hard-work. But still they can’t reach their success in their business life.

Main reason behind their fail is can’t adopt new methods. Don’t think yourself to smart and confident. Start your action plan before start anything.

Why have you start action plan? The best example is the new born baby. A new born baby had failed to walk initially. Several failures make his/her success. one page business plan is nothing but the way to take notes and bring proper structure to your business.

Step : 11 How To Motivate Yourself And Never Give Up

The best way to motivate you is self-confidence. How to create self-confidence from yourself? Self-confidence makes a man perfect and achieves your goals.

Never give up yourself to others. Don’t lose your hope. Impossible is Possible speak every day possible, work every day possible and live every day possible. The best way to motivate is to see you in the mirror.

Ask yourself to say it’s possible. Make positive mantra. Positive people are always brisk and sharp and confidence. Speak with Positive people makes yourself positive.

The Best and simple way to interact with positive people is to follow their social network. Circle yourself to positive people makes your positive presence.

Self-confidence is the powerful weapon and strong tools to makes a person strong.

Step : 12 Choose Interested Topics On Blogging

The blog is the wonderful human creation platform to show your article all over the globe with a single click. Many blogs have been the presence in the online market.

But few of the blog’s who breach out from all blogs and create viral content in online. How it’s happening? Its Simple Answer, choose of blog topic its interesting and social share.

Many newbies too much of fast in make a blog with more categories and subcategories. Don’t have a master plan or action plan to choose.

It is very bad for the newbie blogger, It will hurt your online business. Don’t try to write the blog for money. It will never earn money for targeted articles.

While you making a blog keep in your mind that, Always try to write natural ways and target its the best way to earn and growth. Ask yourself what kind of topic do you like?Based on interest start blogging.

Because make your own blog or website is very simple within 10 or 15 minutes or even 10 seconds to start.

But maintaining long time its tough and more hard works or efforts to become a successful blogger.

Step : 13 Search Your Topics In Search Engines

Too much of efforts need to find your topics. After type your area of interested topics in search engines.

The best way to keep your records in Microsoft Office or Google Drive. Add your  interested topics in the search engine. Google search spider will show’s exactly top 10 search results with well quality and best websites.

Keep your websites links in excel sheet for future purpose. Every day you should read the blogs and understand the topic’s.While learning interested topic sites simultaneously start reading the best Seo sites.

Don’t waste your time in unwanted sites. Read trusted blogs and well quality blogs.

Step : 14 Few Of The Topic’s Trending

When you going to make your own blog, you have considered these topics in you. It will help you how to pick a topic to write a blog.

1.Technology – Myths have been breaking all the sectors. Especially nowadays people are love to read technology blog’s.

Especially youngsters, Aged people or there is no age barrier to reading technology blogs.

People understand that reading technology blogs its useful for their carrier.

2. Humor news – Billions of people are surfing, texting, posting etc in social media’s like that  Google plus, Facebook, Twitter. When ever humor news arrives ready to share. 21st century changing to humor more

3. Politics – With out politics nothing in the world. Many blogs’s especially concentrate on politics.

4. Recipes – Our human creation had created for food, shelter in olden times.

5. Movies – Every human beings need amusement or entertainment.We need spare times to enjoy with our family billions of billion peoples loves movies.

6. Car blogs – As a human being we should feel everything we want to like that everyone desire needs a car.

7. Mix up Blog’s – Its nothing whatever you love write an article and publish.Many people who are all crazy on random or mix up blogs to read.

8.Fashion blog’s – Many women’s love to share fashion blog.

Step : 15 Full time Bloggers Vs Part time Bloggers Vs Hobby Bloggers

Hobby Bloggers

1.Choose free platform 2. Cost wise everything free 3. Take selfie what ever upload 4. Fame 5. When ever free post articles.

Part-time Bloggers

1.Choose free platforms or paid platforms 2. Cost wise everything free or use paid methods 3. Write perfect Article 4. Fame or Best Blogger or Passion or Business 5. When ever free post articles.

Full-Time Bloggers

1.Paid platforms. 2. Use paid Methods. 3. Perfectly Optimized Article or content. 4.Need On page Seo,Off-page Seo. 4. Business or Passion or Fame. 5. Regular Update need.

Step : 16 Before Choose Platform Circle Well Knowledge Persons

Our ultimate goal is to how to create your own blog with the successful and well quality blog. So everything we should structure format.

With out gaining knowledge and with out gain exposure we can’t reach next level.The best way to circle well knowledge people are Social Media’s.

Every one of them available in social media’s so try to add them or circle them or follow.

Step : 17 Decide Your Platform And Make Decision Today

As a new person or newbie entering to the online world. online the world is mix up of good and bad websites or scam websites.

How to start a blog.Its the very first question every one of them asking nowadays. It just needs 3 or 5 Minutes to register a new domain name and start a blog.

How to choose my blogging platform and which one is best.Two kinds of blog platforms are best in the world. Those are; 1.Blogger 2.Wordpress.

I Want to build a blog But How To build a blog? It’s the biggest myth right?

1.Blogger 2.Word press 3.Tumblr 4.Medium 5.Live Journal 6.Weebly 7. 8.Ghost 9.Dropplet 10. Scriptogram 11.Posthaven 12 Roon 13.Silverback 14 Hexo 15.Bolt 16.Postagon 17.Svbtle

Why leave free Platforms

1.Domain name

Free platforms allow us to making a blog in 5 minutes. But you have rights to choose your desired URL name. But we well know about free blog’s. Our domain name end up with their names.

Ex: Xyz(dot)word press (dot)com Xyz(dot)blog spot(dot)Com

Every one of them wants their domain to name their own name so? Do you want’s your own name or end up with free blog’s name?

2.No control panel

Control panel is the important and security for a blogger so own your own control panel

3.Normal layouts

Free blog’s allow free themes or paid theme’s but can’t meet paid theme styles.

4.Site Speed Less

The own website has a lot of methods to improve site speed.Free blog’s can’t meet site speed

5.Less Seo Optimization

Free blog’s has less Seo optimization panels

6.Less Limits To Use

Free blog’s allow few of the changes.Allow fewer limits use

7.Violets Terms And Condition

None of them read their terms and conditions.Once we violate their terms and conditions they will terminate us.

Step : 18 Use Social Media As powerful Tool

Social media is the powerful weapon tool allow us to publish our article links on Facebook,Twitter ,Google plus and Pinterest. Do you know? without social media, we can’t boost our traffics.

Social Media is called as “Viral Marketing tool” so stick that tool very properly and publish your article in all social media’s.We call it as “time Bomb Traffics” no one knows viral social media.

Conclusion On How To Start A blog

How do you start a blog head ache over? I think this are the things we should take before making a blog. I have covered all topics regard write a blog.

Start action plan first, Motivate yourself, Choose interested topics, Search your topics in search engines, Few of the Topic’s trending Nowadays, Full-time Bloggers Vs Part-time Bloggers Vs Hobby Bloggers,Before choose Platform Circle well Knowledge Persons, Decide your platform, I have covered all topics in my article.

Still anything  has regard creating your own blog and more about blogging ideas lets comment below to know more.

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