Grammarly Review : Best Online Grammar Check

Grammarly Review 2016

If we are writing articles, books, documents and so on. But we publish to the people, we must know the written content has any error or misspell in the articles. We have to check those errors in our written content and also our English grammar check.

The one online tool use in worldwide to check the written content. That online tool is a Grammarly tool and it will use to check grammar.  That will check all your errors in your written content.

You want to see more information about the Grammarly product, let’s start our read on this.

What will are you go to learn?

  1. What is Grammarly?
  2. What are proofreaders ?
  3. What are the products available in the Grammarly?
  4.  Why you choose Grammarly?
  5. What are the benefits of Grammarly?
  6. What are the Steps to proceed this Grammarly tool?

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an online tool to check the errors in the written content. This is called online error checker tool.

If you check the errors in your content, it will give the list of errors within a minute.

This Grammarly product gives punctuation errors or if you forgetting, you instead of your. Like these errors can be detected and rectify those errors.

And also, can check your vocabulary in your written content. This can be done by the Plagiarism tool.

For to check the grammars in our article the writers have to know more than 250 rules about the grammar.

Grammarly performed as automatic proofreaders and virtual grammar coach. What are proofreaders

What are proofreaders ?

The proofreader is nothing but, it detects the errors and correct in the electronic copy before you going to do publications.

What are the products available in the Grammarly?

The Grammarly corrector has lots of products that for you to correct the article before going to publish. Let’s see what are the tool used for here.

  • Grammarly web editor
  • Grammarly plugin for Microsoft office
  • Grammarly extension for Chrome
  • Grammarly extension for Safari
  • Grammarly extension for Firefox
  • Human proofreading
  • Spell checker

 Why you choose Grammarly?

This Grammarly has a lot of benefits for the school, business, and many fields of the area. The Grammarly can be detected more than 250 errors in your articles like business documents, academic writing, reports, book reviews, research papers, blogs, news, and content making.

What are the benefits of Grammarly?

  • Ease of use – This tool is very simple to use among all other product in the online. This can help your bad grammar and spelling errors.
  • Accuracy – The accuracy of this product is 95%. and it gives the best accuracy results.
  • Help and Support – Its provides the documentary file to show how to use this Grammarly and all relevant things about this. And if you have any question you can post into the online forum and interact with the users and also have telephone support to ask your doubts.
  • Editing and feedback – While it checking to your article for the error. it will suggest the best vocabulary for your article content. you can use proper synonyms. It helps to an enhancement of your vocabulary skills in the article. This will help in the well-written paper. and it gives feedback about the errors.
  • The Grammarly tool will feel better than your MS word can do. Because its detecting and correcting errors are good by more than 250 grammatical rules.
  • Then also have plagiarism checker. what it will do in your article? It will check any google copied content available in your article or not.
  • The Grammarly available in web apps, Microsoft office add-in, and desktop software.

What are the Steps to proceed this Grammarly tool?

Let’s have a look at the steps to follow to the Grammarly tool and our grammar review will most helpful to you.

Step 1: First step is to go to the Grammarly website and click here to login. Then, give your username and password. Enter into your account. It having your profile, Apps, Premium, log out, and support options.

Step 2: The screen shows the New. Here upload your document which you going to check errors in your connect. now, I’m going to add one content to check the errors in my document. It all shows in the following image.

Step 3: Here the above image shows multiple errors shows. There were missing of Punctuations in this document and if have any spelling mistakes and grammar mistake available in the document. There also appears in the document. In the side toolbar has many tools to use. Let’s see what are the tools available.

There also appears in the document. In the side toolbar has many tools to use. Let’s see what are the tools available.

Those are uploading a document, download a document, document type, plagiarism, vocabulary enhancement and professional proofreading.

In the document type having some setting to check in your document.

  1. Contextual setting
  2. Grammar
  3. Punctuation checker
  4. Sentence structure
  5.  style

Step 4: If you correct the errors and you can download the document. Then use for the purpose. Now the content has good grammar, Punctuation, and Good Sentence structure by the sentence checker.

These are the formal steps to follow in the Grammarly tool.

What are the Pricing plans available?

1.Speciality checking:

Speciality checking has extra four writing issues. Those are 1. use of colloquial phrases, 2. Improper formatting. This checking has three types of plan. This is called as “premium Plan”.

Monthly plan – It starts from $29.95/month.

Quarterly plan –  It starts from $19.98/month. if you can pay at one time at $59.95.

Annual plan –  It starts from $11.66/month if you can pay at one time at $139.95.

Plagiarism, Vocabulary enhancement and professional proofreading plan are having the same price at the above Speciality checking plan. you can purchase this online grammar checker after you seen this plans.

Free vs Premium version:

There are two versions are available in the Grammarly corrector. Those are Free version and premium version.

The premium users felt, 76% of users writing their content very enjoyable. and 99% of students are improved their writing style. And 85% of users strong in writers now. Let’s see features of this grammar checker plan;

  • Having 150 critical grammar and spelling checks
  • Having 100 plus additional advanced grammar and spelling check
  • Provides vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • Genre-specific writing style enhancement
  • It’s providing plagiarism detector, it will detect more than 8 billion web pages

Other features of this plan;

  • you can Get performance gets via email
  • Then gives AdWords to your personal dictionary
  • It can integrate with Microsoft office
  • You can also access personal editor via
  • You can check your writing through the web
  • It can available on multiple platforms like the web app, desktop document, and Microsoft office.
  • Then, you can use your documents in multiple devices
  • It can catch the contextual spelling and grammar mistakes

Microsoft Add-in and Plagiarism checker tool:

Microsoft adds in will reduce your time and you can use anytime and you can write effectively your articles.

Plagiarism checker will work with word and outlooks

And it will check 8 billion web pages in google for your article

The Plagiarism checks instantly over 250 grammatical rules

Then it will automatically generate citations like MLA, APA, and Chicago style.

These are the features, benefits and pricing plan and all. It will help you to improve your content and rich in grammar. This the best online grammar checker tool.