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Start A Business With Right Keywords

Most of the business need right keyword research and get good conversion rates. Right?

What’s that conversion rate?

The conversion rate is nothing but converts your visitors into customers. It will bring more sales and make your company more profitable.

Business running without profit is like a riding bike without the destination.

Starts with right keywords decisions make your site more profitable and valuable.

Where do I find profitable keywords?

It’s the hottest topic in digital marketing industry. Most of the sites get more profit with less search volume.Some sites getting search volume  700,000 visitors but making 20,000 0r 30,000 dollars.

Here am figure out how A bloggers vs B bloggers income reports.

A.Bloggers Income reports.

Monthly Income Profit – $ 103,400 or 203,600 per month – Do you know how they people making higher profits per month. Most of the huge money making websites receiving 50,000  – 101,000 visitors per month. For Successful business can be right keyword targeting, A bloggers targeting money paying visitors.

B.Bloggers Income reports.

Monthly Income Profits – $ 2000 or 25,000 per month – Do you how much traffics they are generating 50,000 -800,000 visitors per month. Omg !! ya right site with more search volumes with less paying keyword visitors never pay your site.

That’s why keyword targeting plays the vital role in the blogging field and make your site billionaire or the millionaire.

Most of the newbies get to fail on blogging or online business reasons are there is no proper keywords research plan.

what is mean by keywords research?

The keyword is nothing but people’s search for the term every day it may be a phrase or any words, it’s called as keywords.

Many newbies bloggers, small business people never invest their time on keyword research and madly blogging some articles every day.

How keywords perform on search engine?

Search engines own two kinds of the important term called as crawling and indexing. Do you know crawling and indexing? Crawling is an important technique used by search engines called robot crawler or search spider. If every time, our people update their site within the fraction of seconds or minutes crawlers crawls our site easily.

Search engine plays major roles on the search result, it has the power to overnight website become the millionaire if millionaires will be based on search engine hand for becoming poor everything. Business needs some proper business plan to overcome all problems.

Choose of wrong keywords lost billions

As I said earlier choosing the wrong keywords leads to down your profit. Here am showing you the step-by-step guide, how you did your wrong keyword target. Targeting wrong keywords cause your business profitless.

Ex: Rahul starts his career as e-commerce field and later quit his job and started the online e-commerce website. His website having plenty of shoes. His point of view “shoes keyword ” right, he had targeted plenty of shoes keywords. But he failed on achieving top rank results. Later, he figures out that marketing Head keywords won’t boost sales.

Three Kind Of Keywords Makes your site number one 1 search result.

  • Head Keywords

Head Keywords weighs more on ad word campaigns, it’s cost more on bidding. If generic keywords are more specific keywords “camera” or ” laptop “.

Most of the campaign got fail on generic keywords because x-person search for dell laptop but our site having Sony laptop.  so our campaign getting fails.

  • Body Keywords

Body keywords are generally 2 or 3 keywords more relevant to head keywords. Body keywords are nothing but “Sony Camera” or  “Dell Laptop “. Here, 2 Keywords are termed as Body Keywords.

  • Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords are generally more than 3 +  keywords with fewer competitions. Search volume higher in long tail keywords, because  most of the business owners targeting long tail keywords.

I had already covered the topic long tail pro review check my previous post and grab targeting keywords.

Step 1:  Make the Open Basket Keyword Research.

Here, am showing you, how to do keyword research in the step-by-step procedure. Make the list of important keywords in the word document or excel sheet.

Whatever, you feel those keywords are important to keep them all on excel sheet. If you feel hard to save an excel file try to google excel sheet it allows us automatically saved. I think nowadays people’s love auto save methods.

Rough Draft is very important in keyword research.

Blogger’s having plenty of work during writing times. It causes stress too so if you think those keywords is important to make the rough draft, we will later filter out all.

Open Large Basket for Rough Draft Research.

The basket contains important files and unwanted files no one knows exactly what basket having. So we should follow the basket method to grab all keywords in our pocket.

Step 2: Think yourself those keywords are useful or not

As a blogger or small business, people find your accurate keywords help your business grow more. Unwanted keywords never make you conversion rate.

Ex : Samantha running a cake shop in San Francisco.

  • Buy cakes online
  • Buy Cakes
  • Black forest cake
  • Cake Discounts
  • Cake shop theme
  • Cake online
  • Buy cakes online
  • Discount cake at San Francisco
  • Cake coupons

Plenty of keywords on your basket. Choose profitable keywords

Here, above-unwanted keywords are available too. If you choose cake shop theme, it’s unwanted keyword for your business. If you are running a theme website that keyword will bring conversion rate.

Step 3:  Predict your keywords with search Volume

Higher Search volume keywords bring two kinds of outcomes = More Visitors + Gain Alexa Ranking Higher = Converted Customers.

Higher search volume is nothing but people search the particular keywords per month or per day. Based on search volumes business people write relevant content with the keywords. Higher search volume keywords are not profitable?

Wrong myth trending on the blogging field is choosing higher volume keywords. Think about that, if that relevant to our site or not then after write or target those words.

Lower Search Volume Keywords is nothing but people searches for particular topic or products.

Ex : Anu is typing the keyword like – “mesothelioma survival rates”. It’s the highest paying CPC keyword with very less search volume solidly monthly “20” search volumes, but it’s CPC COST $ 1006 per click. Low volume search keywords having tremendous profits with less search too. These are the keywords are searched by keyword research tool like

These are the keywords are searched by keyword research tool like long tail pro, google Adwords tool and etc.

So search for targeted keyword is very important.

Step : 4  Choose competition


  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

High         –       Higher competition keywords are returned on investment keywords                                 but it cost more

Medium  –       Medium competition keywords are widely used by newbies or new                                     sites

Low           –      Low competition keywords are people bidding for that keyword with                                 less. So most of the startups business founders are targeting low                                         competition keywords. Keyword catch up is easy and bring conversion                             rate.



Targeting Particular Country.

Professional bloggers never try about unwanted targeting. So, keep your work proper and do serious research. Targeting must be accurate and  perfect.

Ex: Kristina Steward started her shop in New York city. She loves on selling the online business. So, she bought the domain name and hosted on servers. She having plenty of dollars for ad spending, so she hired experts from online sites. Later, she figured out that she lost money on advertisement campaigns.

How she lost dollars on ad campaigns?

Hired person performed ad campaign for whole united states of America. It’s cost more and suddenly her money wipes out. If she targeted New York city People, she made profits.

Ex: Kim performs search result (what is mean by keyword research) on google she got plenty of results. If the site with proper keywords come first on search result rest of them won’t show on the search engine.

Targeting right keyword is the only return on investment in internet marketing field.

Here am concluded that keyword research is very the winning strategy for bloggers and business owners.