Dreamhost Review : Speedy and Friendly Web Hosting

Dream Host Webhosting Review

Dreamhost  is a web hosting service. We are all crossed across many hosting services. All are different with their unique features. Likewise, our Dreamhost also have many unique features for their customers. In this article, i’m totally going to discuss with you about Dreamhost review.

Because, no one knows about how the internet works and how websites are creating and how the website work and all matter. That’s why i started this article.

If you are a business people, you must need to know about these knowledge.  You have to show your business in online, you have to first purchase one server or renting the server space. And after have to create website, and this website to store on that server.

Server is used for sore your website database to on your purchased server or renting server space. And it will also do service of speed up your website. While speeding up your site, will get more traffic to your site.

Now you can feel, what is server and Website.

Let’s see about Dreamhost and what the features available in this are. 

What will you going to learn in this article?

  1. Why you have to choose Dreamhost?
  2. What are the hosting services available in this dreamhost?
  3. What are the pricing plans available in this dreamhost?
  4. What are the pricing plan benefits?
  5. What are the overall features of dreamhost?

Why you have to choose Dreamhost?

Here many feature available to pick your hosting services. Those main features are discussed by following below;

  • 97 days money back guarantee. You never see this feature in any other web hosting services.
  • Dreamhost providing two week’s trials that are all between in mind about the service.
  • Its providing unlimited hosting plans
  • Here, they providing decent choice of hosting packages- Shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers available.
  • The support is based on any language; there are no language barriers.

These are all the main features for choose dreamhost service.

Hosting services:

The dreamhost have four main hosting services. Those services are given in following below;

  •        Shared hosting
  •        Virtual private servers
  •        Dedicated server
  •        Wordpress hosting

Let’s see briefly about these servers.

Shared hosting:

Shared hosting is one of the least expensive and most common forms of web hosting. Customer share a server resources among many clients.

  • The shared hosting having many features; those are
  • Host your own websites – you can manage one site or all your many sites at a single dreamhost account
  • Run a wordpress blog – You can do with one click wordpress installer, You goto wordpress blog online and they will updated for you.
  • Great for startups – They will provide all tools for run a successful online business
  • Build an ecommerce site – they offering all tools and PCI compliants for  you to run an
  • Host your design portfolio – Here, they providing dreamhost to host thousands of designers design portfolio.
  • Host your client website – You can host and manage all of your clients in a single web hosting account

Let’s see the pricing plan of this shared hosting and the plan features.

This Shared hosting is perfect for blogs, portfolios, personal/business sites and database sites.The features are;

  • 97 days money back guarantee
  • Providing unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • And also give in one free domain name
  • This is hosted on Solid state drives (SSD)
  • This service starts at $ 7.95/mo. For one year the plan plan offer is $ 9.95/mo. Then also have month-to-month plan at $ 10.95/mo. You can seen  this plans prices in following below with full details.

Virtual private servers:

  • Dreamhost offers Linux based web hosting for our business. This will increase more traffic volumes.
  • Virtual private servers are lie somewhere in between: the versatility of a dedicated server without the expense of renting an exclusive hardware stack.
  • The vps hosting having many features; those are
  • Scalable RAM – you can start with 1GB of RAM and also easily scalable upto 8 GB immediately from your cpanel.
  • SSD Storage – It’s providing 20 times faster than SATA disk drives. The high SSD performance range from 30 GB to 240GM
  • Proving unlimited bandwidth
  • And also providing unlimited hosted domains – you can use many domains and sites. This is perfect for who design a sites and apps for your clients.
  • Control panel – You can add and manage many virtual servers within the dreamhost control panel.
  • 24/7 support – They providing 24/7 days supports for their customers by Live chat, twitter and email.
  • Ubuntu 12.4 LTS – Ubuntu providing 5 years of security updates
  • The pricing list of this VPS services are given by below, you can see here well.

Dedicated server:

Dedicated server is unmitigated control of the server’s resources. The dedicated server include following features and these features are very beneficial for your business.

  • Its having DDOS protection
  • It’s providing unlimited bandwidth
  • It’s providing unlimited MySQL database
  • And also have PHP/Perl/Python/ Ruby Support
  • It allows to Full root and Shell access
  • This provide RAID 1 storage
  • This runs in Ubuntu linux
  • Then, 100% uptime guarantee
  • And also have one click wordpress installer
  • Dedicated server providing 24/7 technical support and server monitoring
  • And this dedicated server is perfectly used for who are all having high traffic websites, reseller hosting, large eCommerce website and agencies with high profile clients

Let’s see dedicated server pricing plans;

And also see dreamhost comparison from other hosting services.

WordPress hosting:

Managed wordpress hosting hosted on Virtual private servers

  • And this provides 30GB of SSD storage
  • And this is run by PHP 5.6 with OPcache & optional HHVM
  • It can also provide automatic wordpress install and core updates
  • You can use any wordpress theme  or plugin
  • Its also providing 24/7 ninja support
  • Then this plan is starts from $ 16.95/mo for only sign up for annual plan

Features of DreamHost:

  • Plenty of email accounts are create and use for your domain.
  • Easy to navigate control panel – it is easy to manage your hosting accounts, review options for your services and view your configuration
  • Have excellent bandwidth – it will increase your traffic by your site visitors
  • Ready for eCommerce – Dreampress providing private IP for your site. You can combine encrypt SSL certificate and favorite eCommerce website.
  • It will providing automatic security updates
  • And finally it providing rock solid security

These are all the dream host features, pricing plans and hosting services. I hope this will helpful for your business and starting a blog for a beginners and also many business people.

Choose right things and get successful in your online business.