Convertkit review : The Perfect Email Marketing Software

ConvertKit Review

If you are an online marketer, you may know two important things in mind, First, How important Creating a website and Second, Create Email gathering list to your site. You are a content author, you should know without publishing your article in online.

until you couldn’t regret your articles, so you must need the website for publishing your articles.

First create the website and it is not enough for your readers. Because your reader shares your articles with their friends or many persons. So, many persons come and visit your site and view your articles.

That’s why you should be contacted with your readers to share your knowledge and featured process, So you need to collect their email list. It will help you to increase your visitors often and you may contact them easily.

What will are you going to learn in this article?

  1. What is ConvetKit?
  2. What are the features of ConvertKit and Why?
  3. Why have you to choose ConvertKit?
  4. What are Landing page and its benefits?
  5. What are Opt-forms and its benefits?

Let’s see what is Convertkit software and why’s?

What is ConvetKit?

ConvertKit is an online marking software. That, do many performances and gives lots of features for business people and Has running site people.

What are the features of ConvertKit and Why?

ConvertKit providing multiple features for enhancement of your business. Those features are;

  • Opt-forms
  • Landing page
  • Automate book marketing
  • Broadcasts
  • Personal emails get better engagement

Now, We going to see about these features deeply in following below.

1. Landing Page:

You can be able to design a landing page from this ConvertKit Software. This ConvertKit providing three templates to design the landing pages.  Landing pages are nothing but Custom pages on your website. This page also works wonderfully for Course opt-pages, coming soon pages and much more.This landing pages can be easily set up by a two minutes and

This landing pages can be easily set up by two minutes and it may helpful;

  • when you are going to give a gift for your lisenser when they are in the podcast.
  • Your visitors can easily join your email newsletter list
  • You can easily give Ebook or course to your email subscribers

Features of landing page:

  • Visual editor- Using this visual editor, without knowing how to code for editing. You can edit easily by changing images, changing the colors and changing the text, these are suits for your website design. These customizable parts are done by this visual editor. These all changes can do in a few clicks.
  • Custom patterns- You can add details to custom patterns because Convertkit landing pages are directly integrated with So you can choose your image that suits for your website design.
  • Custom CSS- you can add anything you need to your site without asking any permission, You can edit While if doing this edit, you have struck. The helpline team  will help you to from your struggle.
  • Your domain- From starting this software, they provide newly created landing pages for your site. But you want to change it landing pages, can change through by using their WordPress plugins.

2.Opt-in forms:

You want to collect mailing list from your site, you can easily gather mailing list by using this opt-in forms. This opt-forms are beautiful and responsible in your site. Ther can move anywhere around your site. and easily catch up the mailing list.

This can be easily set up, wherever you want to fix in the website. It can also adjust the size of the form where you going to place on the site.  Then having other features of this Opt-forms and this features will help you how to use mailing list setup on your site;

  • You can give gifts to your newly joined to your mailing list by creating incentives. What that gift may like to give is a free course or short notes. These incentives giving to your mailing list persons and it will increase the conversion rates for you.
  • You can also create multiple incentives for your mailing list members.
  • You can choose different opt-forms for your need and where to use. These all increase your conversion rate to your blog or websites.

3. Automate book marketing:

This tool having another one  wonderful feature, That will help you to increase your sale. For example, if your visitor seeing one course. The visitor like to buy the course for their need, but the person may forget to buy after leave your site. This automates tool will remember to purchase the course when you have seen before.

How to use email marketing?

Here, this Automate mailing will send emails to your collected mailing list. See below what are the ways you can use email marketing;

  • Just drag and drop any emails to your course and reorder the course in between and you can send the date with it. It automatically updates the send dates when you switch the order.
  • You can change and fix the schedule time and day. Which day you wand to send and which time also. This features also available here.
  • You can see your entire drip emails in one view.

4. Broadcasts:

You are going to send the email content to your each subscriber at a time is difficult for other email marketing software.  But, with the help of broadcasts, it is easy and send by queued your mailing list, as soon as it will send mail content to subscribers and at the same time.

Features of Broadcasts;

  • Segmenting- You can segment your list, which course or content or anything to send your subscriber. This multiple segment forms and different mailing content can be sent at the same time through using broadcast.
  • Exclude purchaser- you can send any new offers or any information, that group of people interested in a particular product. Its is easy and send different offers of product at the same time.
  • Save segments- You can save all these segment lists for future use of contacting them easy for you.

5. Personal emails get better engagement:

Yes, Personal emails get better engagement by this Convertkit software. This means you have a mass of emails in your list, but you want to send mail to one person. At this time, you can ignore all emails except you have to send. And it will send then it will do one-to-one replies. These features are;

  • You can send this email to that particular person like Subscriber by name and send the email. The emails are short and elegant to view.
  • This is useful for you and You can also save the time
  • These emails are short and you can use your smartphones to look at the emails.There is no need to open your Personal computer to see the mail.

Pricing of ConvertKit:

The Pricing of ConvertKit for 3,000 subscribers to pay $49 per month. Then, This ConvertKit plan having following features;

  • Plans include unlimited forms, courses, landing pages, Automation rules, and emails.
  • 30 days refund policy
  • You can send unlimited emails up to 50,000 subscribers. If exceed more than plans are the limit and you can use 60,000 subscriber plan you will send 90,000 emails per month.

Why have you to choose ConvertKit?

  1. ConvertKit will help you to enhance your email list
  2. Then, it will help you to sells more books
  3. It shows your website as professional
  4. This always possible to make the best content available for your subscribers

These are the features and pricing of ConvertKit software. This software is essential and gets good regrets for your business. Then, it will increase you grow and grow your email list.