How To Choose A WordPress Theme-10 Things To Look For

How To Choose A Wordpress Theme

How To choose A WordPress theme?

Choose perfect theme is the accurate target for customers to enter our site and convert.

Targeting customers accurately.

Do you know one thing choose of the wrong theme leads to higher bouncing rate and visitor leave our site due to the poor theme?

What’s that bouncing rate? It’s nothing but visitor’s entering to our blog without any interaction leaving our site called as bouncing rate.

The first impression is the best way to keep your visitors spending more time on your website.

Ton’s of themes are available in the market. But many beginners  hurry to choose wrong theme selection.

Customer friendly and well-structured theme help your customer’s viewing your entire site. It will bring more page views for old posts.

Nice related (topic related) themes are very suitable for your profit making business.

A step by step guides to choose a WordPress theme for your blog.

1.Choose Seo Optimized WordPress themes 2015

Search engine optimization is the win – win strategy to boost your online revenues. Billions of dollars are spending every day for SEO campaigns.

Do you want to Hit #1 on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and Yandex?

Optimize your site for a search engine is a higher priority. Do you want high conversion rate or more visitor’s bring preference to SEO? Whatever else without seo can’t meet your goal.

We can’t say every theme developers create WordPress theme with seo optimized. Target your customer’s easily with the help of search engine optimization.

Plenty of seo plugins available in word press market. It took more time to optimize with the help of seo optimized themes it saves our time and work pressure.

Before buy themes online don’t hurry up and purchase. Analyse first and take action. Check seo optimized themes. It will attract more customer’s to your blog.

2.Responsive Layout WordPress Themes

While in early times PC’s dominated the world. Trends have changed and a lot of improvement in technology. Laptop’s, tablet, smart phone’s etc’s.

Always check responsiveness themes unless loose your mobile and tablet visitor’s.

Recent google algorithm has hinted that site with mobile responsiveness boost visitor’s.

What’s that responsiveness? It’s nothing but viewing your site using tablets, mobile’s and laptop’s or PC’s without disturbance.

Customer friendly sites boost result.

3.Skyrocket Your Fastest Loading WordPress Themes

I strongly recommend  emphasizing the site speed.

Many e-commerce firms pointed out that 1-millisecond delays cause loss million’s of dollars.

Skyrocket your fastest loading WordPress themes will bring more visitor’s to our site. We should adopt new method’s to increase site speed.

Many small entrepreneurs are very hard to earn dollar’s. Single second delay cause conversion rate less, so optimize your site high speed.

There are plenty of way’s to increase site speed. But it needs some coding skills. Many themes have default site speed optimized coding’s it will help us a lot.

4.Design and user experience WordPress themes

Customer friendly design increase page views higher. Many customers’s are not much excel in all. We always thinking our point of view and do high level.

The real scenario is as a normal visitor’s entering our site his/her point of view is site layout with very simple navigation.

If we installed high and complicated themes it will cause “chaos” to customers.

User experience is very important in choosing a proper layout.

Ugly colored themes get less attraction.

Eye catching mode? It’s very important in choosing a good theme. Eye catching mode is nothing but visitor’s entering our site mix of color theme’s

5.Responsive Layout WordPress Themes

Many normal themes are optimized for PC’s right?

Mobile traffic’s are booming right. 45% of visitor’s are entering our site from mobiles.

Traffic rate is very important in conversion rates.

Responsive WordPress layout’s is the accurate customer capturing tool for WordPress themes.

Many powerful blogs’s like mashable has been changing new home layout since the launch. As a beginners point of view investing new home layout’s every time it’s hard. Once we purchased a theme once always keeping forever. Choosing a theme browse their demo’s and check different home layout’s.

6.Mega menu Templates & Themes

Awesome mega menu shows excellent look to your site.

The menu’s play the major role in the site.

Adding menu’s to word press blog is kind of art.

Two types of famous menu’s are available in market

  • Mega Menu’s
  • Big  Menu’s

Browse themes based on menu’s too. Pick relevant WP themes bring more royal visitors. Investing on the best premium themes is good for your business.

7.Easy Social Share button for WordPress theme

Social media’s are  bigger changes in an online world. Many blogs’s got popular overnight with the help of  social media’. It’s powerful but simple to use.

Check themes with social media integration it’s very essential.

Inserting Social sharing button will engage with customers.

Easy social share button for WordPress theme attract more customers and increase boost

8.WordPress theme documentation

Well, formatted wordpress blog theme documentation reduce stress during theme installation. Installing WP theme it’s easy but as per demo style, it’s difficult. Well documented option allow us to know

  • How to install a newly purchased theme
  • Installing sample or demo content
  • Import sample data
  • Creating menu’s
  • Header designs
  • Footer Designs
  • How to change boxed layouts,large width layouts etc’s
  • How to add sidebars
  • Add Page builders
  • Custom sliders
  • Adding Tracking codes

9. Homepage image slider WordPress

Do you want to attract your customer’s right? Sliders are the eye catchy medium tools to grab eye attention.

There are plenty of slider’s available in a market. Don’t worry many themes default having 2 0r 3 slider options. There are four kinds of popular sliders available in the market. I have pointed out four kinds of sliders.

  • Grid slider
  • Flex slider
  • Flex slider-BIG
  • Elastic Slider
  • Elastic BIG

10.Essential Custom Widgets For WordPress

I have analyzed plenty of themes found that few of themes not having default widget options, so check widgets too. I have listed few of widgets need to be there in theme.

If widgets are  not available in your default theme. Get widgets from outside tons of widget’s are available in outside market’s pic relevant widgets for your website.

  • Social Icons Widget
  • Facebook like box
  • Category Posts Widget
  • Twitter Feed Widget
  • Posts Slider Widget

Conclusion On How To Choose A WordPress Theme

Never hurry up! Choose the best theme is the very first thing to show your visitors branded website and impress your readers too. Always keep in mind that choose theme is the one and only winning game for your online business.