Pick domain name:How to choose your domain name

How to choose a domain name

How to choose a domain name?

Domain name is defined as register your business name in the internet world.

It’s an identification factor allow us to find he/she is the owner of the website. It will direct us to the right path.

How to choosing a domain name for your blog, its the million dollar question for all bloggers, let’s go to choose a domain name. It’s the very first step to good company name for your business.

It’s your monument to show icon all over the globe. Once choose a path mop your hearts first and second fragrance yourself.

Choosing a domain name catchy and memorable. Pick domain name or search domain names rightly. Choose accurate domain names.

Once visitors entering our new blog, they should feel up like”Delicious”. Once we have the plan for preparing a food, it should be Delicious that will fill up with full of yummy.

Once visitors hit your domain name in a search engine, they want that mix of feel.Something feels u know can’t express to say, we should feel that.Last but not the least it is your identity in web name for your business, brand, and product. It’s our company name in the online world, we show our business name branded and reachable.

We are ready to help you to, choosing a business name. Let’s follow our instructions carefully and read out points. Still thinking choosing a good business names?

Let’s discuss below,

1.Domain name memorable 2.Avoid confusion names 3.Avoid Harsh words or irritable 4.Donot use adult words 5.Choose relevant keyword 6.Avoid long domain names 7.Keep it short and use friendly 8. Choose relevant keywords 9.Keep it simple 10.Check Seo names 11.Avoid used brand names 12.Choose new names 13.Catchy or yummy 14.trendy or old 15.Domain Name chooser tools

1.Memorable domain name:

Every year millions of million domain names have been registering since the years.

Competitive people have been choosing many domain names. Many business brand names where vanished, few of the brand names have been running very successfully at present.

How its happen? Choose of the domain name it’s memorable and simple. It’s the very first step to choosing the name.Usually, people are very fast and have no time to analyze.

Our main goal is our customers, we should bring more flexible, bending to our readers. Catchy domain name and easy to memorable a domain name it’s our ultimate goal.

Let’s start with case study

CASE1 :  Anu chooses a brand new domain name (Anu cool asks). Her blogs are full of useful and nice recipe ideas.

Eye view from visitors

ANU-points of view from anu(anu + cool + asks).

VISITORS-points of view from visitors (Anu cool ask)

New Visitors-Once read her awesome blog. The new visitors are usually Search new topics and read fast and fast.

New visitor point of view(anu cool ask). Once unaccustomed visitor loves anu blog remember her blog name.

Usually strange visitors surf our blog very fastly, So it’s our duty to attract them within the time.

Old Visitors -People always love useful blog content.Who convert to old visitors.

Attracting regular visitor is the important tactics to every blog. Attracting regular visitors its hard and tough too. Once new visitors wants to revisit your blog. He/She type your blog name in the search engine (anu ask etc) What we text in the search engine it will show whatever that name.

They forget your blog name, unfortunately, another blogger has brilliant recipe ideas. Anu lost regular visitors and drive traffic to another website.

Choose of a good business name is memorable and easy. One single word in the domain name is very important and precious. Keep it memorable and crispy!!.

2. Avoid Confusion domain Names:

People are perpetually thinking about point of view. Choose of confusing words makes your visitors redirect to another blog.

A competitor gets free traffics easily and no ads spend everything getting free from another blog just by confusing words. Compile of domain names is not easy made proper analyze to choose the proper domain name.

Many newbies are confusion their self while choosing best domain names it will surely hurt your online business. Branding domain name every parameter is very much important. Expunge old ideas import new ideas while choosing the best domain names.

A lot of people has registered many stylish and trendy words. It will confuse visitors.

CASE STUDY ROCKY-Recently Kim has purchased a brand new domain name (lyker2day). It’s nice, short and simple. Seo point of view its good and remember too.(Lyker + 2 + day) He told to his friends he had purchased a brand new domain name lyker2day.

His friends were searched in search engines (liker2day) Pronunciation confusion hurts a blog more. He is a sincere blogging person every day he has worked the lot, but name confusion drives traffic to another blog person.

AJAY-He purchased ( liker2day)He is a lazy blogger too. Every day he worked less much priority to blog. But he got more surprised everyday visitors were increased gradually. Rocky plays an important role for AJAY blog. Don’t choose confusion names!!.

3. Avoid Harsh words or irritable:

Many people are inspired with extreme folly. Nowadays many of them have chosen different and different domain names.They don’t know the meaning of the domain names.

Many of them have choosing random names. Whatever strikes in mind type in the domain tool box that word and register domains. Choose of words it’s lovable to all.Don’t go up with harsh words or irritable.

It may don’t like your visitors. Human being’s thinking is always different from others. 10% of people even think harsh or irritable words too. Avoid harsh and irritable words!!.

CASE STUDY:1 Rahul have purchased catchy domain name past week His point of view his domain name is the best domain name unfortunately that word is irritable.

Visitors point of view bad and SEO friendly.Seo wise word it not a matter visitors point of view it is bad.

Bharath has purchased a simple domain name same week. His point of view his domain name is the simple domain name unfortunately that word is simple.

Visitors point of the good and SEO friendly. Seo wise word it, not a matter visitors point of view it’s good. While choosing domain name don’t go up with harsh or irritable words!!.

4.Don’t use adult words:

Our world is running very fast, People are smart and clever. How people picking domain names during domain register?. Out of 100% people, 20 % are always smart and tricky too.

Picking domain name with adult words. Mostly adult words are freely driving more traffics. Use of adult words surely hurts traffic from people.

Traffics wise it generate hugely, but conversion point of view its worst, there is no need of promotions.

But privacy policy wise advertising companies will ban soon, customers wise it will hurt our readers.

5. How to choose a domain name for seo:

Choose specific seo names,It will drive free traffics to website. Because many peoples don’t know the value of seo names to choose.

Nowadays driving traffics is the toughest situation for business people and hobby blogging people too. Smart work is the best and tricks too. Picking seo names will drive better traffics.

Check Google ad words tools and other tools to search relevant keywords and check for global views for those keywords. Once identify the best and relevant keyword it will your best seo name.

Pick the better driving traffic keyword names

CASE STUDY:1 Jain sri have purchased a brand new business name,(xyz.com) It will drive traffics high and more.

Every day she had worked a lot and reached that traffic so much hard and tough too.

CASE STUDY :2 Kayal had purchased a brand new domain name, (Seo relevant keyword).

Every day she got surprised and drive huge traffic instead of choosing some irrelevant names. Compare to Jain sri her blog drive more traffic.

She cared less time and create fewer articles. But driving traffics its higher because of relevant keyword. Choose of relevant names its important!!.

6.Avoid long domain names:

Choose not to the point inapplicable, register domain name furbishes and furl. Many of them picking very big domain names.it’s to be avoid. Don’t think like dolt,think smart and small.

Choose big domain names hurts both visitors and blogging person too.Visitors don’t type too much of words in search engine.

Visitors mentality are simple,they like short and simple domain names,once love your blog remember blog name it is very much important for visitor.

Instead of choosing (appleorangeboxitswes.com) like this kind of domain name is very big and not memorable. Choose simple and short domain names!!.

7.Choose relevant keywords:

Pick relevant keywords are more important for naming a blog/website name/company. It will drive traffic more.Use google ad word planner to choose relevant keywords.

Pick of keyword is high global views and low competitors. Once choose relevant keywords use that word as domain name.

EX 1:- Riya starts an online blog, naming of her blog simple and cute.(riyakaya). Let’s analyses the name (riya + kaya). Whats that riya kaya her point of view riya-her name,Kaya-her mom name. Seo point of view its simple it’s not good.

EX-2 :- Kayal starts a website her website about craft items. Instant of naming (kayal) or something use kayalcrafts. Choosing of relevant keyword play major role in seo.

8.Keep it short and use friendly:

Always pick the domain name customer friendly and user friendly.It should be catchy and attract, Crispy, juicy, yummy. Hmm like that we should name that brand name. Don’t go too long and more complex. It will gap you and your customers. I can’t tell select too short domains. It won’t affect your seo or something else. Many successful blogs or website chooses many names. So once pick a domain name choose short not too long.

9.Keep it simple:

Choosing cool domain names are simple, It’s user friendly and index friendly. Google bot crawl your page easily and quickly.

Bots always crawling your web page and index very quickly. Lets look at the example

CASE 1: Diya purchased a brand new domain name very lone (diya+kick+the+world).Google bot comes to diya blog. Its a software and run, scan very quickly but long domain crawling time 0.05 or 1 secs its take time to crawl diya blog.

CASE 2: Riya purchased a brand new domain name very simple (diya+blog). Google bot comes to riya blog. It will run and scan riya blog but domain name its simple, crawling time 0.02 to 0.05 secs its take time to crawl riya blog.

10. Avoid infringed names:

Geek people are over smart thinkers and their thinking power is  higher than others. But really they are not smart people, they try to cheating them self.

Clever people picks clever domain names. Usually used brand names hurt newbies.

CASE STUDY:1 Akil have purchased a tricky domain name, He is a clever minded person and smart too.His domain names are used brand names (bing-bings, google-guogle, yahoo-yahuu).Usually branded names, we never use that.

Many practical cases are going on infringe ment. Don’t give up the chance on infringement. Practical example is “Microsoft vs. MikeRoweSoft.”His name is Mike rowe. So he had created his name as website mike+rowe+soft-MikeRoweSoft. Microsoft argued that their trademark had been infringed because of the phonetic resemblance between “Microsoft” and “MikeRoweSoft”

11. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

Hyphens and Numbers are the tricky way to drive your traffics to other peoples blogs.

Many people who are all register their name using numbers and hyper links.Visitors don’t love numbers or hyphens.

Suppose fortunately mistypes number, another blogger drive traffics from us. So don’t give up the chance.

12. Catchy or yummy:-

Wow!! its an awesome blog, Keep your domain names/business names are catchy and yummy too.

We are familiar with our friends,some friends are always cute, the way of speaking surely attracted by us.

Something attract us easily,Like that domain name speaks lot its name attract us easily.Catchy domain names surely visitors love lot.

13.Trendy or old:

Pick domain names trendy or old? Many newbies thinking about trendy or old. We should differentiate clearly. Trendy names are presently trending, It will trend one or two months after that people love new trendy names.

Old names are standard sun, moon, earth, water, green, red etc this names are old like that lot of old names are there never changing names.

My point of view choosing domain names trendy or old both are good picking names its matter like wise quality of content blogs speaks lot.

14. Target specific Area

Seo plays a major role in driving traffics. Pick your domain name with specific area is the better name choosing idea.

Target specific name its good for local business.choose your lovable name with local area names (peter+New york). Its better while rank higher in local area!!.

15. Domain name Extension

Most of the people don’t know, how to picking a domain name end up with (TLD) .com, .org or .net. Many people are still in confusion mode. Think clearly and do proper analysis to select your domain name.

We should know Top level domain names

.com-It’s for commercial purpose

.org-It’s for organization purpose

.net-It’s for network purpose

.int-It’s for international organization

.edu-It’s for education purpose

.gov-It’s for Government purpose

.mil-It’s for military purpose

.arpa-It’s for Address and Routing Parameter Area

Secondary level domain names are

Dot com end up with

.info, .biz,.camera, .camp, .capital, .cards, .care, .careers, .casa, .cash, .catering, .center, .ceo, .cheap, .church, .city, .claims, .cleaning, .clinic, .clothing, .club, .coach, .codes, .coffee, .community, .company, .computer, .condos, .construction, .consulting, .contractors, .cooking, .cool, .country, .credit, .creditcard, .cruises, .cymru, .dance, .dating.

My point of view always pick first top level domain names especially pick end up with

Sl Domain names  Preference
1 .com  First and foremost
2 .org  Good
3 .net  Good
4 specific country  Next target specific country.
5 Secondary domains  Choose whatever love you pick it and enjoy


16. Domain name generator tool

We are the creator of our own destiny, Keep in mind that want to become a creator or copycat? Choice is yours. Branding new name its takes more time to know, Always prefer new names.

Even though people have been loving branded domain names, When will you try to create a brand new name?. We always keep in mind that we wants to become a follower or leader. Our working style wise different and new path.

Don’t foot prints on  others work and don’t peep their methods. Choose new names is the best and good way to create a  brand new  name. Now-a-days lot of tools are available in online world allow us to pick domain name easily. Its make us easy to pick right domain names.