BuzzBundle Review : BuzzBundle Power Up SEO Campaign

BuzzBundle Review

If you are a new to the website and you don’t know, how to increase your website traffic?. Not only for the website beginners, its also consider for the running site people too.

You feel to show targeted audience in social media and get attract from your audience. After that you will get traffic for your site.

Here having one best solution for your increase your traffic and social media easy to use now a days. That is Buzz Bundle software. Let’s we see about buzz bundle and its features and all about this.

What will you going to learn in this BuzzBundle Review?

  1. What is Buzz Bundle?
  2. Why You have to choose this Buzz Bundle software?
  3. What are The Main features of Buzz Bundle?
  4. What are the pricing plans of Buzz Bundle?

What is Buzz Bundle?

Buzz Bundle is software tool, that will make social media easy to use. It is software based cloud based app. You can manage all your social media at a time to creation of an account in this and add all your social media to this buzz bundle and you can schedule your messages to the time you want to post or publish or send to your media.

This is very helpful and while doing like this. You can get ease of manage your social media. Don’t waste your time on social media itself. this will helpful in different activities.

You can also use this buzz bundle for finding the blogs, forums, and social networking sites where people talking about your brand.

Why You have to choose this Buzz Bundle software?

Buzz bundle having many features to pick this software, here we going to see overall features of this software.

  • You can customize your work space
  • Here, free version available
  • Makes social account creation easy
  • Social media updates is easy by scheduling
  • They providing one off payment, after updates from 6 month
  • This software supports facebook, twitter, Google+, including G+ profile, LinkedIn, forums, you tube, and blogs.
  • You can group different projects/brands under different personas
  • You can create and manage multiple social media accounts
  • Here, having one another wonderful feature, that is Hide your Real Location from Behind a Proxy.
  • Having advanced scheduling methods available, so you can schedule a post or message when its to be appear them
  • Here available, Flexible dashboard (quick search on your conversations, can also remove your messages, can customize your data to display and more flexible activities available)

The Main features of Buzz Bundle:

The buzz bundle having multiple functions and makes social media easier for website persons. Let’s see what are the features and how it will working in following below;

  • Multiple accounts
  • supported sites
  • Publishing
  • Brand management
  • Monitor Competitors

These are the main features of the Buzz Bundle software and lets going to see brief about those features.

Manage Multiple Accounts:

  1. You can manage multiple social media accounts

You are struggling with social media. login in Logout of your profile every time you using. Here, This problem is avoided by adding all your social media in one account.

And anytime you can use this buzz bundle account and post any time or can also schedule your posting list on social media. These are the functionalities available.

2. You can manage unlimited personas and Social profiles

Social media management tool allow you to create number of accounts or profile. This is one of the functionality in Buzz Bundle.

3.You can also create new brand profile or keeping existing profile

You can also ad your existing social media profiles and also create new profiles with in a seconds. You can create many profiles you want.

4. Easy switching between your social media profile

With in one work space, you can switch over to another social media. For example, now you are working in Facebook, you have to log out and go to next login twitter.

There is no need of doing all this, because you can manage all accounts in one work space, so just click on your personas and switch to next media.

Supported sites:

The Buzz Bundle is Supporting for many social media sites. Now, we going to see, what are the social media sites supports by this buzz bundle software and what are the features available in this.

  • Twitter

In this twitter, you can do send tweets, Schedule tweets, Post tweet replies,

Re tweet, and also monitor mentions.

  • Facebook

In this Facebook, you can do send message, schedule post, Like , Comment, and also manage business page.

  • Youtube

In this YouTube, you can do publish videos, monitor mentions, Comment, Like & dislike videos, and Schedule comments & uploads.

  • Google+

In this Google+, you can do Monitoring mentions, post replies, add posts to your pages, Schedule replies and comments.

  • Linked in

In this Linked in, you can do publish updates,  Schedule posts, send direct messages, and also do share, like and comment.

  • Forums, blogs and Q &A site

In this, you can do Monitoring mentions,  send messages, and schedule posts.


If you are going to publish your post or picture or any other information on social medias. Let’s see, what are the features available;

  • Publish information in social media accounts

You can publish all kind of messages, post in your social networks.

  • You can easily switch between different profiles and bulk announcement
  • If you want your post more to be attractive use images in your post and it will looks good and more attractive to the viewers.
  • If you are using long URLs in your post or messages, it takes some more space, You can shorten your URLs also.
  • This having all kind of messages in one.

Brand management:

This Brand management is more important features and these are given in following below;

  •  Gather all brand mentions in one roof

you can track your brand, company, products and services

You can also find, where people are talking about your conversations, negative feedback, and support positive.

  • Custom streams
  • Stream filters

Monitor Competitors:

Here, There is no social media without competitors research. You can also search your competitors strategy and progress to pick best techniques by BuzzBundle.

You can do following activities on your buzz bundle account;

  • Track your competitors social seo strategy and progress
  • You can track your  competitor’s mentions, keywords and urls
  • Join discussion about your competitors

Pricing of BuzzBundle Software:

The BuzzBundle having three pricing plans. 1) Free 2) Professional 3) Enterprise

The Free plan starts at $0 and The professional plan starts at $199. Then Enterprise plan starts at $399.

Features of BuzzBundle with Pricing plan:

You can see all features and it will oriented to this plan will be shown in following below images.

These are all the benefits, features, pricing list and all about BuzzBundle Software. This will very useful for your business and it will enhance your business by getting more traffic from your social media.

BuzzBundle works, all social media under one roof. This is the major advantages of this software. If you can use this software, you will get better traffic to your websites.