Bluehost Review : Cheap Reliable Web Hosting

Bluehost Web-hosting Reviews

In 1996, Bluehost was introduced by matt Heaton and he was started another three companies like hostmonster, fastdomain, and ipage. Then, 2010  blue hosting company acquired by Endurance international company. Bluehost is number one  ranking overall hosting review sites and  the forums.Check out black friday hosting offer’s and grab the deal quickly.

The Bluehost having following web hosting criteria from a customer point of view,

  • Reliability
  • Support
  • Affordability

Bluehost offers various hosting packages like cloud sites, shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.This year blue host offering a black friday deal called bluehost black friday grab the limited deal and enjoy hosting.

What will you go to learn in this Article?

  1. What are the Cloud sites and it benefits?
  2. What is meant by shared hosting?
  3. What is meant by WordPress hosting?
  4. What is meant by VPS hosting?
  5. What is meant by Dedicated hosting?
  6. What is the ultimate performance of Bluehost software?

Let’s briefly look at these packages in further steps.

Cloud sites:

Cloud sites are ultimately shared web hosting and make it effortless. then its give the benefits of

Safer- This cloud sites give your website is more reliable. and our data can be automatically mirrored into three various kinds of devices. then, if any hardware issues occur in one device, the cloud sites of failover technology automatically correct with the one device and after that, it will make changes in another two devices.

Faster- This cloud sites easily focussed your server  where they should be with the help of varnish caching layer and global cdn, because of this only it gives no more long load times with the help of premium hardware and low-density.

Simpler- it is easy to see your website at a glance. it provides a fast view into usage trends, page downloads speed, uptime, global search and more. it will never down  your site traffic spikes again.

Bigger- if you have more web traffic, it will never your websites to down.


  • High Availability
  • Scalability
  • Performance
  • Control panel upgrades
  • Automatic failover
  • Fully managed

The cloud sites plan is shown in below image.

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is cheaper than other types of hosting server, its may call as the dedicated host server. it offers basic web static support, email, webmail services, auto script installation, updated PHP, MYSQL, basic after-sale technical support included with a monthly subscription.

Then, it typically uses a web-based control system such as cPanel or one of many control panel devices.

This shared hosting provider is responsible for managing servers, installing server software, security updates, technical support and other aspects of the devices.

Then the product and its price are shown in below image.

Shared Hosting  Addons

Additional domain Names: $15.99 per year for registration

Dedicated IP: $3.99 per month

SSL Certificates: $59.88 per year

SpamExperts mail filtering: $2.99 a month per domain name

Privacy: $11.88 per domain per year

Sitelock: Starting at $23.88 domain privacy per domain per year

Site backup and Restore Pro: $23.88 per year

WordPress Hosting:

WordPress hosting is a more powerful open source content management system (CMS) hosting service based on PHP and MYSQL.

It plays an important role in the business and customer support. it will be installed on the Web server, then it will connect dozens if not hundreds of WordPress sites hosted on one server.

It’s either part of internet hosting service or a network server.

Then the product and its price are shown in below image


  • Plugin Architecture
  • Template System

VPS Hosting:

Virtual Private Server and is a virtualized server. its work with shared hosting server environment. Then, it is technical with shared hosting and dedicated hosting server.

VPS hosting is robust and provides pure SSD storage. This simplicity provides easier maintained and allows for quicker setup of the server.

Benefits of VPS Hosting:

Privacy- Privacy is most important. Here, we can’t share our server with anyone else.

Customization- it has the ability to manage the configuration of your server partition

Control- when we installing application should we do a restart but we can do it at any time.

Dedicated resources- it provides dedicated amounts of RAM available at any time of your need.

Then the product and its price are shown in below image.

Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated hosting is a type of an internet hosting. This is more flexible than the shared hosting because it organizes the control over the server, including choice of operating system, hardware etc.

There is also the new level of managed hosting or dedicated hosting.

This provides IT support, storage, management including security and memory. This application of service can be proactive in nature. Then, the server administration can be usually provided by add-on service in the hosting company.


  • Less overhead
  • A large return on investment

Applied Field of area:

  • Housed in Data centers
  • Similar to colocation facilities- provides redundant power sources and HVDC systems

Ultimate Performances of Bluehost:

  • Extreme speed- Each server can build in-house by Bluehost engineers and if we can upgrade the performances for flexibility by the OpenStack.
  • Instant provisioning- Whereas most dedicated services to build in few hours or a day to get the solution when you need the solution. But Bluehost services a solution of your server needs to you ready for the second.
  • RAID storage- Here providing high-quality RAID level 1 support. so your devices or data are mirrored completely. but there is no way of getting this service from other dedicated solutions.
  • Storage upgrades- If you need Extra storage capacity. This Bluehost server having enhanced cPanel can provide large storage without any admin.
  • Root access- Our improved cPanel gives an offer to you to access completely with CentOS.
  • Dedicated support- Bluehost provides you to any problem occur, our dedicated team will work with closely in your field by same engineers.
  • Improve cPanel- By improved cPanel with an interface, you can manage all domains, emails, web sites, resources and more from one central location.
  • Multi-server Management- if you need additional services with your existing account, you can manage with our VPS hosting, Shared hosting or even dedicated services can add on your server.
  • Access Control- When we create the password granting access to limited aspects of your account. this will make an issue of your account one for ownership and one for server admin along with your master password
  • Advanced Capabilities- you can access what you need at the time of service. this Bluehost provides a secure shell (SSH) access, server sides include log file access, web page manager and etc.
  • SSL Certificates- here Bluehost provides Encryption connection between your server and visitors to give  safeguard personal information, sensitive data, and more.
  • Domain privacy- it provides personal information along with your domain name. then it prevents identity theft and phishing attack and more.
  • Spam Protection- it works with your google and unwanted information and harmful information can go to spam content.
  • Sitelock- its give you safety when websites against attacks and malware and threats can be removed by causing before the problem