About Bharath Kumaran

Hi Too all, Vanakam!!!Bharath Kumaran is the founder of IncomeCracker and I ‘ve been gaining blog knowledge since 3 years.

Expertise in search engine optimization,web developer,social media analyst and content writer.His point of view is “impossible is possible”.

However considering I’m only 23 years old, Its too late to start my blog, Entrepreneurship life it’s different from all,It’s amazing and learning new ideas everyday.

I’ve not only been interested in entrepreneurship, I’ve been caring my pets so much of love!!.I’ve learned more tactics to write this blog.

Meet Blog Founder-Bharath Kumaran


I’m an electrical engineer by education and turned to full time Prob-blogger.

I had finished my school at Shree Gurukulam Higher Secondary School in 2007 and later finished my engineering BE(EEE)  from Bannari Amman Institute Of Technology in 2013.Graduated out  from college with first class degree.

Basically am a nature lover, so much of interaction with nature and pets.

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They had raised lot of questions regard my career- What you doing idiot?what’s your plan?.I had clearly explained these are all the ways and choose blogging as career.They had rejected my proposal.

Having no money situation had changed my life style worst.Later on joined as an Electrical Engineer in printer manufacturing company not much of interest in electrical sector.

I’m a cool person always love my work.After I had lack of interest from old firm quit my old job.Same “VIP” guy and no job, Later joined my lovable work as a search engine optimization analyst in the new firm.I had learned lot and gained knowledge later I quit my job and turned to pro-blogger.

My entrepreneurship Life

Entering my entrepreneurship life, I’ve gone on to get involved with several different business some of which flopped entirely.

I am a big lover of internet and online marketing.It’s powerful and filled with money making tragedy.

I had learned a lot from that experience and had a lot of fun with it.Don’t think that internet offers money easily, learn proper Internet knowledge first unless it will suck your dollars within a fraction of seconds.

Blogging profession it’s entirely different from all, its thrill, and tricky too!once entered blogging profession keep forward and work regularly unless no one won’t survive in the blogosphere.

I had started a hobby blog about environmental issues.It’s my first flopped blog ever!! nothing to blog about environment issues but I had created a simple layout with irregular format .

Actually I don’t know how to blog,don’t know?It’s the true fact 🙂 Second I had moved to movies the new blog it too dead.Third I had moved to funny pictures once again don’t know exactly about blogging.

Fourth concentrated on film blogs, it’s flopped.Fifth about the technical blog it’s my turning point in blog life.I had attracted 200 visitors per day when the new idea generated about blog life and finally sixth blog about same funny pictures it had attracted 300 visitors per day.

Still remembering my past career as funny moments.Initial time everyone doesn’t know anything about anything.Everything by way of practicing every day to get the exact result.

How I Faced Worst Failures

After I had  failed from all blogs, later on started learning about start blogging online.

Later learned with proper knowledge created a new blog named that moment was the happiest moment in my life, Even don’t know more technical registered one new domain and Created new ideas, thoughts etc.

It’s a blog about technology-oriented updates.The Saddest  news is even its too failed and created another blog.This time I have learned more exposure about blogs.My heart always said “Going fine march forward”.

Later on realized this blog too failed.Can u think that as a newbie blogger getting more failures?But something don’t know exactly how I was impressed on blogging.Because, Eight failed blogs makes my mind and will power more strong.

“I loved my failed blogs.Once we faced failures don’t lose your hope, everyone should analyze why?Ask any business tycoon  what they had done and how to turn to achieve .they never achieve by debut, every failures will speak one day as an achievement.”Do what you love that’s my motto”.


On Friday night, I think it was 12.00 clock midnight!!why my blogs was failed and even many of them achieving, creating and running successful blogs.

Why I can’t create a successful blog.Finally, I had found the answer for all failures.Before start a new work or any task, we should learn depth and 360-degree strategy that will turn to success.

Still remembers my past it was a crazy idea that night.Hey! idiot your heart was  full of hopes,don’t care about flops, Am a big dreamer every day am enjoying to see myself as an entrepreneur.

Hope is the most valuable or precious thing in my life, don’t kill it, once got failure.raise up from the fate or never give up yourself.One thing I want to share to my readers, failure’s are temporary, success is permanent.

Think yourself which one due you wants really.Good things come at the right time, wait for that magic, it will surely come and grab us.

Don’t use short time strategies always focus on long term.

My Startups Ventures story(www.incomecracker.com)

It’s a big tragedy story in my life.My family member’s opposing my proposal.I had proposed 180 $ to start a blog.But they had thought about me my son life will question.He will lose surely.

They had scared and reject my proposal.But expecting things never happen.I was painful and sad.The worst situation I had  faced that day.I had one Idea after graduation will start a blog with my job After my college life end entire expense are done by my father (16,500 $).It’s very high, Without job leaving college, no money no job.Every thing went fine suddenly I was cheated by  very close friend.

He told me that am in big trouble help me help me he cried because his father become ill.I had asked my parents to bring money, My father got money from some one for an interest rate.Later I found that my close  friend cheated me.

My father becomes financially trouble, my stupid friend make my life terrible.One year went slowly with no money, after no support from the father, that time I felt “I am unfit to my best father”.Later six months went I saved 50$.

Parents had asked me what you think about your life go with this money and find a new better job.My father gave 20$ + 50$(my amount)=70$.My father’s relative who gave the host, he is very fast and courage person, but climate and condition can’t live in Bangalore.

I had spent my money all.Again terrible moment finally got my search engine optimization job not much high salary.But anyway I was happy.Two years of struggling for 180$ capital its a terrible moment in my life.

My strong will power and hope are my best friends, still waiting for magic.My life is full of errors and sad things filled, But one thing am a lucky guy, whenever sorrow will come, am very much happy and joy to accept sorrow,Its my powerful weapon think so.

Don’t believe anybody madly it will trouble you the lifetime.

My Life Turing Moment

Every once life there is a turning point.In my life everything was reversed one of my close and deepest friend cheated money.I think few of the people’s were realized the painful moments.

My life changed to hell!!My father invested lakhs and lakh to college,out from college there is no job,that moment was worst in my life.It will reflect in my life too.That time was speechless and nothing.Felt pain and sorrow in my heart.

Something don’t know whats happening in my life.But later I had realized how its hard to earn single rupee, chance to know more about valuable of money that time.”One thing learned  from life, believe don’t believe too much to friends or others you will be cheat surely.21st century is full of cheating peoples.

Something life is a race we are in the track.Once we fell down no one looks us.Every one of them loves only winners.Loser’s none of them looks.My father and Mother  is my role model first,reason for choose him is  perfect time keeper,second my mom,speedy women,my self playing cricket,internet addict fellow,nature lover and help to poor peoples.Every day dreaming to help poor peoples,when ever i will get a chance to good position,I will surely help needy peoples.


“My point of view once we fell down, need 4x power to bounce back, like a horse once it fell down it will bounce hardly never look back ,it will march towards goal like that we should race”.

Really life is not simple its so much of hard and rough.Every one of them questioning lot of questions.Read surely i understand you feeling i know very well,Once choose a path never backwards,Be a horse to race,Choose yourself want to create history or eat and die.choice is yours once we are living don’t be forget,Its a valuable life we are living,do some great thinks to all.