31 Days to Build a better blog (Increase Conversion rate 202,835 % in 31 Days)

31 day's to build a better blog

31 Days to Build a better blog. How it’s possible?

Today am going to show you new blog strategy and create  31 days to build a better blog.

Blogging is very easy nowadays. Many bloggers have been writing numerous tutorials and case studies to improve the blog. But most of them hide their strategy and showing few tactics.

I have noticed many blogs. They have been blogging for around 4 or 6 years!! Omg!! how much traffics they attracting?

Any idea?

Around 20,000 – 100,000 Visitors per month traffic [4 or 6 years in blogging field]!! Don’t worry guys past is past.

10 Step’s  should follow first and move on to my tutorial

Step 1  :  Build your  own motivation

Step 2  :  Be kind and speak humbly with everyone

Step 3  :  Don’t trust madly on anything Do research and believe

Step 4  :  Be a smart and bring some smile while speaking with anyone

Step 5  :  Don’t invest in one basket always have another one

Step 6  :  Eat healthily and fit your health always

Step 7   :  Don’t stick always on electronics gadgets-PC’s, smartphones, tablets etc

Step 8   :  Don’t be greedy and miserable

Step 9   :  Never Give Up

Step 10 :  Be a Master not a follower

As a blogger stick this 10 step’s first and ready my tutorial next.

Moving your blog to successful blog is difficult. But never give up guys.Do research and try new methods  and apply it.

Day 1 – Compose mail and create grand opening

Go to mail [Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc] Compose mail about

  • Tell about your site and social media’s
  • Thank you mail

Tell about your site and social media’s

“I have launched new blog named incomecracker.com etc. It’s my very first blog and am very much impressed to start this new blog. I have worked a lot on this and it’s my first business in the online industry. I know very well online marketing industry is full of tough and need more experience. You know very well we are very good friends and we had spoke lot. Do you remember our olden day memories! It’s awesome and cool buddy. OK it’s  time for conclusion – my  website www.incomecracker.com and follow my social media’s”

  • Google Plus  –    Add  your Google plus business page
  • Facebook      –    Add your Facebook business page
  • Twitter         –    Add your Twitter business page
  • Pinterest      –    Add your Pinterest business page
  • Instagram    –   Add your Instagram business page
  • We heart it    –   Add your We heart it business page

Circle your relations and friends ask them to share your article on their social media’s. Every one of them having minimum 100 – 400 followers. A single share will gain more exposure.

Thank you mail

Once they shared your website in their social media’s. Our next step is send thank you mail to them. It will bring proper obedient and increase relationship to next level.

Day 2 : Find your topic oriented websites and create an excel sheet

Here income cracker website mainly focuses on search engine optimization technique, small business ideas, and social media’s ideas.

Step 1 : Go to google search box and type your keyword. It will show top 10 result

Step 2 : Open google drives it’s easy and simple

Step 3 : Collect top 10 results in google and collect the website URL

Step 4 :  Collect URL and add in excel online sheet.

Before writing any topic, our ultimate goal is collect our competitor websites first.

Apply open drill technique? what’s that it’s easy and simple

Open drill techniques are nothing put a comment on others blog. Top competitors having more visitors so our comment will visible to many visitors it will get visitors and do-follow back links too. Don’t write spam comment and always write a natural comment. Commenting on another blog will boost seo.

Step 3 : Interlink your website first

Interlink your website first and create good anchor text too. Google clearly hinted exact anchor text will be considered as spam. So it should be natural and good anchor text.

Ex: I wrote how to start a blog post. Here am writing 30 days to create a successful blog. Here am interlink my blog post to other post starting a blog or how to create a blog. It’s natural never interlink how to start a blog exact anchor text match.


Here am giving natural anchor text it will good for both search engine and visitors too.

Day 4 : Join social media Forums and promote your article

Social media’s play a vital role in conversion rate value. Many popular social media  forums having 10,000 – 30,000 followers. Our work is very simple to join them and keenly watch the activities and note what kind of culture they having. Then our next step is to add our website link to social media forums.

Day 5 :Create high page rank and authority backlinks

Backlinks are the very powerful technique and it will trust google search result. Google spam team hinted creating 1000 low authority equal 1 high page rank authority site. So gain high page rank authority sites.

Day 6 : Join Forums and create back links

Forums are the good way to get quality nice oriented visitors. Many spammers are using forums to create quick backlinks. Shortly they got terminated. It’s happening more so silently watch the forum culture because they having more rules. After analyzing and create a quality comment on forums never add back links to your site. You need trusting and interact with fellow bloggers.

Day 7 :  Check webmaster reports

The webmaster is the heart of the site, it will tell how your site is. It will point out errors in your site, sitemap errors, robots.txt, crawling, indexing and landing page analysis. It will help your entire site.

Day 8 : Guest post on other’s blog

Newbie blog never gets more visitors.Both search engine and readers trust old aged sites. Guest blogging will drive more traffic and show them in front of all am an authority in the particular field.

Day 9 : Analyze your analytic’s  first

Google analytic’s, Facebook analytic’s, Google plus analytic’s and Pinter est analytic’s etc will give you entire site and  how it’s working. Al-ways  keep  your eye on analytic’s.

Day 10 : View as customer and browse all pages

Don’t think yourself as administrator. View your entire site as the visitor and browse all pages. As a visitor, we know the site it’s customer friendly or ugly

Day 11 : Create viral content and boost promotion

Create viral content it should be long and write depth knowledge about the particular topic. Viral content creation took more time and hard work to create. Don’t be stress keep and calm and say cool. Take one day for viral content creation because it needs 6 or 8 hours to cover all topics in the single post.

Day 12 : Audit your site on seo tools

Don’t worry just type on google-type Seo audit tools it will bring top 10 website list. Take 1 or 2 and audit your site. It will tell you complete analyzes about your site.

Day 13 : Check your social media sharing buttons

Take your  day for social media implementing methods.Day-by-day new social media sharing buttons are improved lot. So try to add new plugins and test new buttons.

Day 14 : Run marketing campaign on your blog

Marketing play’s important role in return on investment. The online marketing campaign is termed as return on investment(ROI). Concentrate more on marketing it will bring quality traffic to your site. Note * Are you using google ad sense kindly check google ad sense guidelines  they had clearly pointed out blog’s use marketing but check before adding your campaign to 3rd party websites and detecting bot page views lost your ad sense account.

Day 15 :Collect or Capture visitors email address

They are plenty of pop-ups are available in a market. Choose good email capturing pop-ups and collect your visitors email. Many tactics’s are hidden in email capturing pop ups I will tell you later. As a visitor point of view, they need a resource. So we should bring value to visitors. Pop up’s should be catchy and impressive. Note * As an ad sense user check google ad sense policy before ad pop up. Other don’t worry implement this technique and grab visitors email’s.

Day 16 : Create interview post for your competitors

As a blogger getting fame on the internet it’s showing our-self a celebrity. Every blogger’s  love fame why not lose that opportunity. Interview with your friend blogger’s or nice related to the site will grab more exposure and gain back links or ask them to share your article on their social media’s. They had number of followers it will give some boost and gain new comers to our blog

Day 17 : Experiment new post ideas or change content writing styles

Content writing is worth 100-200 billion dollars as per 2015 analysis. Oh got billion’s of dollars !! Omg ! Its true content writing is the one and one winning seo strategy. So try to change your writing style and implement new techniques.

Day 18 :Spend one day for social media’s

Learn some new topic’s regard social media’s.Why should we learn?Social media is a big game changer new social media’s are rolling out nowadays. Always stick on social media’s and create your account in new social media’s too.

Day 19 : Promote your content

I had said already bring equal importance to both content creation and promotion work. They are many promoting platforms available in the market. Stand out from the crowd and show your content to out side world. My content is quality and brings values.

Day 20 : Help newbie bloggers

Youngsters now-a-days choose part time income in online. Many of them don’t know how to blog or even don’t know what’s is seo and social media’s too.Don’t worry guys learn and gain exposure it will convert to authority in the particular field. Choose one day for helping newbies and help them or guide them.

Day 21 :  Regularly check market what’s trending new

Adopt to new market what ever else switch to new things. Unless you will be last in the online field.Make your self-ready to switch new things. Seo’s has changed a lot  before 1 or 2 years stuffing keywords works now that site who got a penalty. If the site got penalties never give up and time to create quality article’s and increase the trust that’s called adopt to new things.

Day 22 : Create info graphic’s

Create infographics and boost back links easily. Pinterest is the wonderful site for info graphics will get quality back links. Repin’s are the major thing’s sharing in Pinterest site 500-1000 repins will get 2000-5000 visitors. So choose and create info graphics.

Day 23 :Create top 10 blog’s or top 10 blogger’s post

It’s an awesome strategy and will get the good exposure. Create top 10 blogger’s in the world or top 10 best website to see the post. Our next method creates a message to fellow blogger regard I have pointed out your blog. If they see their site name they will get surprised. So try this new technique.

Day 24 : Create email campaign and schedule your older post

Create email campaign and send mail to your readers. Create eye catchy title and write quality word’s in an email. Send your wonderful mail to your readers. Don’t send frequently it will hurt your readers.

Day 25 :Apply for Ad sense or other networks

With out earning profit from the blog we can’t run our blog. Ad sense is the best and good advertisement provider in the market. Apply ad sense and earn dollars.

Day 26 : Try out Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the back bone of blog and earns huge dollars compare to all. But every thing has pro’s and disadvantage’s affiliate marketing need good skills to sell a digital services  or products. If you having less don’ t worry try ad sense or you are a never give up guy learn more about affiliate marketing and  increase your sales.

Day 27  :Try out Drill bee technique and get back links

Drill bee techniques are the new technique found by Bharath Kumaran founder of income cracker. It’s simple but valuable technique add value to competitor blog. Bee is always active and collects honey from flowers. Same here am applying drill bee technique. Audit competitor site’s and tell them these are all the negative’s in your blog and help them or add value to them. It will get the good relationship between competitor’s blog.

Day 28  :  Improve your Alexa ranking and attract sponsors

If you want sponsors advertisement improve your Alexa ranking  and increase visitors. Many bloggers are earning the lot in sponsor content’s and create earnings higher.

Day 29  : Write free  eBooks or free pdf guides

Write eBooks it will get more visitors and improve trust on your blog. Pdf guides help readers more and think them his/her blog is more valuable. Implement this technique in email capturing pop up’s. Demand reader’s do you want free eBook. Sign up the form below collects the  email address easily.

Day 30  : Create viral marketing video’s

Ton’s of visitors are surfing to video sites. Compare to content marketing video marketing adds more value. Try out video marketing stick to it will drive tremendous traffic.

Day 31   :Protect your blog from hackers and back up your blog

Word press is recognized as the best blogging platform in the world. It has pro’s and disadvantages too. Hacker’s easy to hack your site without protection. Invest some amount of time on protecting your blog. The regular backup will keep your content safe. I know very well blogger’s who have been working hard to write quality articles. So choose one day for blog protection.

Bonus Tips

Bonus Day 1*  : It’s for e-commerce sites

Encourage Buy 1 Get 1 free concept it will bring more visitors to your website. I know very well Buy 1 Get 1 concept bring zero value to site owner but it will drive extra sales

Bonus Day 2*  : Run school competition’s

Young children’s love drawing’s or games sponsor them and conduct. We will get more knowledge from youngsters and market our brand name to local peoples too. But motivation should be brought first preference to children’s.

Bonus Day 3 * : Sponsor Marathon race’s

Whole human being’s get unite on marathon races. Sponsor our name printed t-shirts. It will pay more attention to our brand.

Bonus Day 4 * : Sponsor Movie ticket’s to local’s

Local seo play’s major role in local sales. At the same time run your campaign on local people’s will get local sales more

Bonus Day 5* : Add yourself to nonprofit organization or Volunteers

Do you know to check your locals many good people add volunteers and do some work or task to local society? Sponsor some part of t-shirts or snacks etc. It will add some value

Bonus Day 6 * : Add your self to orphanage

Come out side and see another part of the world. They are very hungry and lack in education. They need help from us spent some amount on children’s. Bring some life to them. One day they will become a blogger, doctor or engineer or social media activist.

Conclusion on 31 Days to Build a better blog

I think I had covered all tactic’s and the method’s to making a successful blog. I know you guys it’s a sample of building a blog tricks. I will write a book regard build a successful blog shortly.

Now it’s your turn to add comment’s. It’s very open to asking any  question and will get answers  or clear yourself. I do my level best to bring relevant answers. Thank you for read my article.